Student life these days is a big challenge. Children are required to keep up with many different schedules and outperform each other – which ultimately results in stress. Being so young, it is important for their minds to find some time to relax as well, to let creativity flow freely and to unplug from this hectic life. How can that be made possible? The answer is student nature camps.

What exactly do students do in a nature camp?

Nature camps for students have several different purposes. They target certain aspects of personality grooming and intellect stimulation that help students learn through their senses. Here is a brief note of what students gain on a nature camp trip.

Learning through senses and experience. Unplugging from the monotony of daily life helps the students discover fresh avenues to engage their mental capacity in. Their curiosity and creativity is given freedom on nature camps. Students explore, discover and engage in many new activities and places, which helps broaden their perspective about learning. Nature camps teach students about the world that exists outside their bubbles of concrete and bricks. Junoon Adventure conducts birdwatching and wildlife spotting activities on school nature camps to bring the students up to speed with the rich biodiversity their country has!

Health of the mind, body and soul. Living among natural elements has a healing effect on the human body. Camping in raw outdoors exposes the students to fresher, cleaner air and healthy sunlight, which has a positive impact on their metabolism. Students feel more energized and positive. The body-clock restarts and tunes the brain back into synchronization with day-night cycle. Students participate in activities and become physically more active, which helps to build strength and immunity in the body.

Interactive learning. Activities that are conducted in student nature camps teach many life lessons to the children. They learn leadership qualities, they learn to work as a team; most important of all, they learn to help each other out. Whatever animosity exists between the students in school environment gets dissolved as the boundaries created by systemic teaching are broken down in outdoor environment. The most important life skill that nature camps teach students is that while scoring well on tests is important, their health and well-being is important too!

With Junoon Adventure, students get the benefit of exploring nature with an added Junoon Factor of care and proper guidance!