Bhopal - The City of Lakes

Know Bhopal - the History, Wildlife and Natural Beauty that makes up the greenest city in India

Bhopal is a city of contrasts - two different lifestyles, two different eras and two starkly divergent cityscapes separated from each other by the beautiful two lakes that are now considered to be part of the identity of the people who live here. On one side of the lakes, there is the old city, beautifully antique with its chowks, bazaars, mahals and serpentine side streets, each having a unique flavour of their own. And on the other side, there exists new Bhopal, the thumping modern and vibrant part of the city that is home to wide roads, shopping malls, business districts and awesome houses. And the thread that weaves through these different facets of the city – the factor that unites these halves into one unbelievable tapestry – is the greenery.

Bhopal may be known as one of the only kingdom ruled by Begums for over a century or the ‘City of Lakes’ for the many natural and artificial lakes that dot its land, but its true beauty lies in the enormous green cover that lies within and around the city. With over of land under deep forest cover, Bhopal is a place where tigers roam freely in their habitat just a few kilometres outside of the city and where ailing wild animals are brought for rehabilitation at a National Park (Van Vihar) smack in the middle of town! And so, you can very well expect the culture of nature love, adventure and trekking to be a prominent trait of every resident here.

Trekking in Bhopal

Explore the challenging Vindhyachal terrain and the untouched forests of Bhopal with Junoon Adventure

Trekking around Bhopal is unique, mainly because of the amazing and otherworldly geography of the town. Small hills, gorgeous ridges, mysterious caves, dense forests and scores of waterfalls – trekking around Bhopal is made interesting by just so many features! This city is an amazing example of co-existence, where everyone loves and respects nature, appreciates the beautiful lakes and wonderful scenery and loves to spend time outdoors. Adventure sports around Bhopal are quite a popular option too, and you can try your hands at all these thrilling activities with the most well-known adventure company in the city – Junoon Adventure.

Junoon is here to help you learn everything there is to know about Bhopal, from its history and culture, to the unique topography here and of course, options like camping, trekking, bird watching, jungle exploration, wildlife tours and even night trekking. Allow us to take you on the trip of your lifetime, exploring a place that owns the title of being ‘The Greenest City in India’ and carries that crown with style! This is Bhopal, unchained, unadulterated and unleashed…

Places for Trekking in Bhopal

Don't miss this chance to explore the unknown and uncharted trekking places in Bhopal. These nature-based locations are hidden gems that are guaranteed to astound you. Get ready to be surprised by these thrilling locations right here in your city with the potential to thrill and amaze you like never before! This is your chance to explore unheard-of parts of the land. We have spent almost two decades trying to discover these gems and are unbelievably excited to get the chance to show them to you. Just pick out your trekking day and place, get a few of your friends and family together for the outing and get in touch with Team Junoon.

Safety on Treks

As these places are not frequently visited by humans, they need to be explored with guidance of professional agencies. A due permission to trek or hike in this area from the forest department is also a must. We therefore suggest that all adventurers venturing out for a trek in Bhopal should only do so with a competent and experienced adventure company/personnel that knows the terrain and is able to ensure your safety. Junoon Adventure can help you enjoy a safe and memorable experience of trekking in Bhopal. Call us to plan your outing!

Why Choose Junoon

Certified adventure instructors.

Long track record of safe treks.

Immense knowledge about nature.

Unmatched hospitality and care.

Creative execution of treks.

Perfect for ages 3-60 years.

Offbeat, less-explored trails.

No single-use plastics used.

Cleaning Drives for all trails.

First-aid trained trek leaders.

Hand-holding support to trekkers.

COVID-Safe treks and camps.



Junoon truely justifies its name... I did couple of tracks with this team and they simply add wow factor ... this team reveals a different angle to look at nature n wild habitats. These tracks includes lot of fun along with treasure of knowledge and revealing silent secrets of nature. Big applause for team Junoon who are highly enthusiastic and caring with warmth of ever smiling faces 😊😊😊 ( I witnessed the extreme limits of care Yogji reaches to make the track comfortable n safe).... Great doing... Keep rocking

Aradhana Sachdev

उम्मीद से हमेशा ज़्यादा देता है 'जुनून एडवेंचर', इन्होंने ट्रैकर्स को जो फैसेलिटीज दीं, उस लेवल और स्टैण्डर्ड पर मुझे लगता कि पूरे हिंदुस्तान में कोई एडवेंचर कपंनी ऐसा कर सकती है। Thanks junoon team for a great trip!

Saquib Khan

I can not define this team in 50 words here! They are bunch of beautiful, warm and open-hearted people led by a very passionate leader, Mr. Jog. They made my first experience to the outdoors unforgettable. The enthusiasm and warmth they share is very strong. Keep up the good work Guys! You all rock.

Agrima Gaur

Some of the best days I had with Team Junoon... You can always rely on them for making you forget about your normal lives and laugh and dance like anything on the peaks... They have mystical powers which make food even tastier and can bring out your hidden potentials very easily... Thank you Yog sir and thank you all the other members of the Junoon Team for striving to give us experiences of our lifetimes Always look forward to meeting you all and making new memories in your great company...

Garv Sawlani

Responsible Travel

Team Building Programs in Bhopal

Plan your next Team Building Program in Bhopal – one of the most interesting nature based venues in Bhopal. Our experienced HR trainers and NLP experts will help you explore your workplace issues and develop a cohesive relationship with your team in an experiential learning environment. With handpicked adventure activities, fun team building games and the beautiful ambience of Cheel Dant, this will be one corporate outing in Bhopal that will have a lasting impact on your work life.

Student Outdoor Education Camps in Bhopal

There is no better place for a school educational trip for kids to learn about the outdoors and develop an appreciation for Mother Nature than Bhopal. With adventure activities, wildlife exploration, village visits, trekking and surviving outdoors, Junoon Adventure’s student camps allow kids to learn about nature using a hands-on approach. Let our instructors help build their self-confidence, instill a respect for nature and develop a zeal to take on challenges using proven outdoor education techniques in a safe and controlled setting. Plan your next student outdoor education camp in Bhopal to and design a memorable learning experience for kids with Junoon Adventure.

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