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At Junoon, travel is more than just something that you do to take a break from the usual scheme of things. For us, travel is passion, a ‘junoon’ that often takes hold of our soul and calls us out of our usual hideouts into the unknown and exciting. Travel is also where we meet all sorts of fun people who share the same quirky travel gene like us. These are people for whom the search for new adventure places in India is like an itch that needs scratching, a compulsion that just has to be fulfilled.
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And with this bunch of self-professed ‘Junoonis’, we went ahead and created the concept of JT2 – Junoonis Trek to the top.

Our awesome country has a slew of wonders just waiting to wow you – places that are pristine, exclusive, awe-inspiring and off-the-beaten-track. It is these places for trekking in India where we Junoonis flock to. JT2 is a product created for those with the Junoon to travel – not just to the usual, commercialised, well-marketed places but to the obscure and far-off destinations that are yet to be spoiled. Yes, we have an itch – and we scratch it with something new every time.

That’s what we have on offer here – a new place for trekking in India, every time. India is way-too-big-and-wonderful to limit oneself to the usual places for fun and adventure. And so, each time we try and find a new trail to walk on… a new location to explore… a new bunch of people to get to know. Every one of our India tours is geared towards making sure that we stay off-the-beaten-track. With us, you may not find the usual popular travel India places. But you will find experiences and memories that you will always remember.

Whether it is our annual Himalaya trekking camp on an unspoiled trail in the mountains or an adventure holiday in the deep south, every JT2 trek has something amazing to offer. Why don’t you join us this time?

JT2 - Upcoming Himalayan Trek

Pack your bags and get ready for an experiences in the Himalayas that you will never forget!

As the peak summer days begin to roll in and temperatures in Bhopal cross that dreadful threshold of 40oC, we Junoonis choose to chill out in paradise – a place with gorgeous scenery, unbelievable adventures and freezing snow all around. That’s right, Junoonis believe that summers are meant for the mountains and our thirst to gaze upon the vast Himalayan glory gets quenched only with our annual Himalayas Trekking Camp – JT2!

So, pack your woollens and leave the sweltering heat of MP behind every summer as Junoon heads out for our annual Himalayan Trekking camp. Explore a new location each year, stay in tents, play with snow and experience the glory of the mountains first hand. Our trekking group in Bhopal includes an incredibly fun bunch of people who will make your Himalayan experience even more memorable.

Join our next JT2 Himalayas Trek from Bhopal in upcoming summer months. Check out the details of one of the most awaited upcoming events in Bhopal right here.

JT2 - The Concept

New Year 2020 Trek

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less travelled by. And that, has made all the difference."

Oh, the profound wisdom of these few words… Robert Frost here sums up just about everything that a true Junooni by heart could hope for in a travel experience. And that is exactly what we have on offer here – a chance to explore new places, discover adventure, push beyond our limits and find the most beautiful sights and sounds that our glorious country has to offer.

Trekking across virgin patches of the country, we have found the true heart and soul of India. And every travel India experience has been simply out of this world till date – our JT2 treks take us literally to the top – the top of the world, the top of exhilaration and the top of our self-confidence. And that is exactly what joining this trek will offer you – a chance to:

  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Get a taste of adventure
  • Discover your innate resilience
  • Expose yourself to the elements
  • Take on new challenges
  • Make new friends
  • Learn skills to survive
  • Witness the beauty of nature
  • Explore new places every time.

Yes… our love for Himalayan trekking calls out to us at least once every year. And so, we have an annual outdoor summer camp in the mountains every May. If you too have been bitten by the ‘Himalayan Keeda’, this once-in-a-year trek in May will be your chance to discover and new and exciting shade of the Himalayas every time. And for the rest of your wanderlust cravings, we keep coming up with new and exciting JT2 treks and camps all the time. Join on as a solo trekker or as a B2B part of the JT2 family – the opportunities and experiences on offer here are truly amazing!

Check out our trekking packages in India and be sure you join us on our next expedition… Come be a Junooni!

JT2 - Past Treks in the Himalayas

JT2 - The Consortium

"मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिबे मंजिल, मगर लोग साथ आते गए और कारवां बनता गया|"

That’s pretty much our story… What started out as a dream to explore the best Himalayan treks quickly transformed into a thriving and loving family of professional adventure companies in India looking to offer off-the-beaten-track experiences to their prized clients. The JT2 community is a tightly-knit tapestry of travellers, bloggers, adventure professionals, educational institutes and online businesses, all of whom own and promote the concept that is Junoonis Trek to the Top.

Be a part of our growing family – join our consortium and provide your clients with curated, professionally managed and memorable trek the Himalayas experiences every year. Get in touch with us today to learn about our B2B partnerships.