New Year in Nepal – Gear Up!

We all want to plan the perfect New Year bash. This year, Junoon Adventure is giving you an opportunity to have a unique start in NY2020! 30th December to 5th January, all the crazy, party-hard, adventure-minded Junoonis are going to be in Nepal to welcome the new year in…do you want to be one of them? Here is some information to help you decide.

Nepal offers a little bit of everything to travellers, kind of like a holistic package. All year round, you can find tourists and travellers bustling around the streets of Nepali cities and trekking trails. However, around universal festivities time, like Christmas and New Year, Nepal is especially bright and alluring.

Thamel, Kathmandu’s commercial zone, is THE place to see for New Year celebrations. The main streets are made car-free zones so that the pedestrians can enjoy the streets on foot. New Year marks the beginning of street carnival in Thamel, which consists of music, food, drinks and a lot more. You can shop for special New Year souvenirs in the streets of Thamel – something to take back for your loved ones as a memento.

Another option to celebrate the coming year in Nepal is to be in Pokhara, if you wish to be a part of the long race. New Year celebrations in Pokhara tend to stretch out beyond the 31st! If you find yourself still longing for new year bashes, Pokhara is the place to be. Again, the main streets of this lakeside mountain-town are made car-free zones so the party-animals can be at peace.

If you’re hoping for an adventurous start, Pokhara will not disappoint you. All the extreme sports like bungee jumping, white-water rafting, paragliding, etc are on the menu in this city! Although these sports are a bit aloof from the new year celebrations, if they give your NY resolutions some strength, there is every reason for participating.

Taumadhi Square in Bhaktpur is also a New Year party hotspot in Nepal – and a very popular one at that. The kind of food stalls you find here, you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy the best kind of local food on the streets of Bhaktpur on New Year’s Eve and revel in the music and merrymaking with a global audience! Could a New Year party get any more exciting? Unleash the foodie in you this season in Nepal…gobble down all those yummy dishes as a souvenir!

Junoon Adventure recommends travelling to Nepal as a unique experience in life. The food, culture, adventure, tradition and local life are highly piquing aspects of this country nestled in the mountains!