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Established in 1999, Junoon Adventure was set up with one basic idea - making adventure less of a language spoken by the young and fit and more of something that just about anyone - from the three year old child stepping into the jungle for the first time to the sixty-five year old who wishes to prove it to himself that he's still got it!

From hardcore adventures to thrilling Himalayan treks to inspirational corporate outbound programs, Junoon has been organizing memorable trysts with the wild for clients hailing from all parts of the country. Our team of expert instructors and professional facilitators will translate all your adventure dreams into reality. A decades long track record of organizing safe, well executed and reliable adventure trips and experiences makes us the best in the business. Trailblazers in hospitality, Junoon Adventure offers creative execution of outdoor adventures and dependable support to ensure everyone makes the most of their adventures. Plus we offer an immense knowledge bank to help enrich your experiences in the wild. AND we do have a knack of finding offbeat, unknown and less-explored destinations to wow any nature lover's heart.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your thrill and let the best adventure tour operator in Central India make it happen for you! Junoon Adventure is here for the Junooni in you.

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From Trekking in India to Camping anywhere in the country to exploring the unknown wilderness, Junoon Adventure is the one name you can count on to make your thrills possible!

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Explore the edges of Vindhyachal Ranges as the forests around Bhopal prepare for young green-shoots of the monsoon season. Join Junoon for a day-out of Awaargi, exploring this unknown trekking place near Bhopal - Amdoh Forest. This is your chance to treat yourself with some much needed nature-therapy as the rains descend upon Bhopal and make it more beautiful than ever!

Upcoming Trek near Bhopal
Friendship Day Trek
31st July - 1st Aug - 2nd Aug
Fri (Eid) - Sat - Sun (Friendship Day)
3 Batches with 20 participants each
1 Batch each day
Day Trek near Bhopal - morning to evening
Half-day Trekking + Adventure Activities
Covid-19 precautions followed

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