JT2 - Road Trip to Spiti Valley


Time to check one more dream off your list!

This is your chance to explore a place that is like no other place in the world - A region that Rudyard Kipling described as “…a world within a world – a valley of leagues where the high hills were fashioned of the mere rubble and refuse from off the knees of the mountain - surely the Gods live here…” This is your chance to witness a place so surreal that it will be imprinted on your mind forever – a place with rugged peaks and unbelievable earth structures and more shades of brown than you can count.

This is your chance to get SPITI-fied!
Here’s the one we have all been waiting for – the XII JT2 expedition – the Big One:

JT2 – Spiti Valley Tour
10Nights/11Days | Shimla to Manali
Road Trip to Spiti Valley

And yes… this one will get you to do the complete Spiti Circuit – all the way from scintillating Shimla to exciting Manali, covering every stretch of the mesmerising beauty that lies between. Junoon Adventure’s Spiti driving tour will get you to explore the intriguing culture of Kinnaur, the transitional landscape of Khab, the untouched realms of Jangram Valley, the peace of Tabo, Kye and Geyu monasteries, the exciting adventures of Kunzum La and Rohtang and the sheer beauty of Chandrataal Lake. And all the way, you will get enriching insights into everything that makes Spiti what it is – the geology, the landscapes, the rives and mountains, the zen of Tibetan culture, the warmth of the people and of course, the food that is way different from anything you might have seen or tasted anywhere else.

Think you know Momos? Come to Spiti to have your mind completely blown away with what these people enjoy as Momos!

From Seabuckthorns to Yaks, from Tibetan Namkeen Chai to the boozy Spiti Coffee, from the highest bridge in Asia at Chicham to the world’s highest post office in Hikkim, Yaks, prayer wheels, mud houses and more – you will witness it all this September with Junoon Adventure.

So set aside these ten days of your life this September because Junoon is all set to get you SPITI-fied!

Day 1: Shimla

Arrival in the ‘Queen of the Hills’ - Shimla gives you a chance to cool off and get yourself in ‘The Himalayan Zone’. Acclimatize to the height and weather as you walk through the quaint lanes, past colonial buildings and learn of the amazing architecture and history that makes Shimla what it is. Mall Road offers an amazing collection of cafes to explore while giving you a chance to shop and prepare for the amazing journey that lies ahead.
Highlights: Shimla Heritage Walk and Mall Road Cafes
Stay: Hotel | Meals: D
Drive: 0kms | Altitude: 2276mts

Day 2: Sarahan

Start your day from Shimla early and relish the drive through the hills. Explore the Hot Water Springs at Tatapani and spend your day enjoying an Apple Picking Tour in Sarahan and explore Village Rangori and its amazing heritage. Bhimakali Temple and the Royal Palace of Sarahan are also on the cards for the history buffs. The night will be spend at a gorgeous campsite under the shadow of the mighty Shrikhand Mahadev Range with gorgeous Apple Trees all round.
Highlights: Bhimakali Temple, Heritage House in Rangori, Apple Orchard Camping
Stay: Camp | Destination: Sarahan| Meals: B, L, D
Drive: 160kms | Altitude: 2300mts

Day 3: Chitkul

A day reserved to get you a first taste of Kinnauri culture. Enjoy heritage walks in Sangla to Bering Naag Temple, Kamroo Fort and Palika Kamroo Village to the Baspa River Banks to get your one-on-one with the locals. Next – drive forward to Chitkul – the last village of India on this route and enjoy the scenic natural beauty of the moraine patches, the gorgeous forest and the awesome route that leads up to the village. And of course, if you are patient – the Milky Way awaits your stately audience in the night sky.
Highlights: Bering Naag Temple & Kamru Fort, Sangla, Chanmundeshwari Temple, Chitkul
Stay: Camp | Destination: Chitkul| Meals: B
Drive: 106kms | Altitude: 3450mts

Day 4: Aasrang

The day will take you through Himachal’s ‘Grand Canyon’-like landscape to explore Jangram Valley with the monasteries at Rarang, Lippa and Rarang. The road will take you into the land of the Chilgozas, the land where no tourists have been, the land where the culture and the landscape is just as untamed as the river that flows through it. This is you getting ready for the more adventurous parts of your Spiti Trip.
Highlights: Rarang, Lippa and Asrang Villages
Stay: Camp | Destination: Asrang| Meals: B, L, D
Drive: 100kms | Altitude: 3950mts

Day 5: Tabo

Julley! as the Cold Himalayan Desert descends upon you! You start at Khab where China’s waters meet the Satluj and enter into a world within a world. The shades of brown turn more and more vivid and you begin to climb towards Nako and further move towards the 1000 year old Monastery at Tabo. Everything from the vegetation to the landscape will leave a lasting impact on your soul.
Highlights: Khab, Nako Lake, Tabo Monastery
Stay: Hotel | Destination: Tabo| Meals: B
Drive: 125kms | Altitude: 3662mts

Day 6 : Dhankar

Spiti Exploration reaches the next level as you witness the different colors of Mud Valley, explore the awesome villages of Mane and Lalung and finally reach the heart of the Lotus at Dhankar, where the ancient monastery still stands, after acing though all the tests of time. This is where you get to create that heart-to-heart connect with Buddhism and understand its many aspects.
Highlights: Mud, Mane, Lalung, Dhankar
Stay: Homestay | Destination: Dhankar| Meals: B
Drive: 135kms | Altitude: 3800mts

Day 7: Kaza

Spiti Exploration reaches the next level as you witness the world’s highest Post Office in Hikkim, the highest village in the world connected by a motorable road at Komic and the otherworldly sea fossils scattered around the landscape at Langza. The day ends at the center of all activity and adventure in Spiti Valley – the beautiful town of Kaza on the banks of the Spiti River.
Highlights: Komic, Hikkim, Langza, Kaza
Stay: Hotel | Destination: Kaza| Meals: B
Drive: 100kms | Altitude: 4400mts

Day 8: Losar

The final leg of Spiti and its barren peace before you cross over to the other side and begin moving towards civilization. The drive from Kye Monastery to Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary and Chicham Bridge all the way to Kyato Village will take you through stunning scenery, Yak feeding meadows and table-top plateaus in very shade of brown and gold imaginable! And then the day culminates in Losar – a quaint little village on the edge of the world. What could be better than spending a night here.
Highlights: Kye, Kibber, Chicham, Kyato, Losar
Stay: Hotel | Destination: Losar| Meals: B
Drive: 65kms | Altitude: 4466mts

Day 9: Chandratal

Get the biggest high of your life as you cross Kunzum La to re-enter a world with grass and green. The aquamarine Moon Lake awaits you on the other side with its gorgeous waters and unbelievable backdrop of mountains. Camp for a night here and get yourself ready to head back to civilization. Chandrataal is your last frontier as bustling Manali awaits your arrival on the other side of the next pass.
Highlights: Kunzum La, Chandrataal
Stay: Camp | Destination: Chandrataal | Meals: B
Drive: 40kms | Altitude: 4250mts

Day 10: Manali

Over Rohtang and off into the world you go. This day in Manali is your chance to readjust your perspective and relax your soul after all the adventures and experiences in Spiti. Chill out in one of the cafes in old Manali and have a sip of coffee next to the gushing Beas. Make the most of your last day in the Himalayas before you head back to the humdrum of everyday life.
Highlights: Rohtang Pass, Old Manali
Stay: Hotel | Destination: Manali | Meals: B
Drive: 130kms | Altitude: 3978mts

Day 11: Manali

The trip ends here in the morning with this last breakfast shared with your fellow Spiti-ans before you move forward towards your homes and lives. Of course, you heart will remain here, behind - lost somewhere in the bronze wilderness and enchanting cold desert that is Spiti.
Meals: B

*End of Trip*

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13th to 23rd September | Driving Tour/ Road Trip