Corporate Soft-Skills Training Programs

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Corporate skill development is more than just product knowledge training, sales pitch practice and performance management. True, these have a direct impact on company revenues but there are many intangible assets that you would like your employees to acquire in order to excel at what they do. Behavioural and soft skill development programs shift the HR training focus on aspects like communication, conflict resolution, leadership and problem solving techniques. These skills are some of the hardest to develop, but businesses that invest in imparting behavioural skills training for employees are often the ones that are leading the industry and registering the most growth.

The corporate machine only moves forward smoothly when all its pegs and cogs function smoothly as one well-oiled unit. And Junoon’s behavioural and soft skills training programs for employees are just what you need to make your enterprise’ success story a smooth-sailing ride!

Junoon’s entire focus for these trainings is to ensure that the employees’ align their personal goals with your business goals. Through outbound experiential learning programs and proven psychometry techniques, our mentors help participants understand their innate strengths and weaknesses and channelize their energies towards the growth of the enterprise. From aspects like EQ, creative thinking, critical analysis, people management to negotiation, cognitive flexibility and presentation skills, Junoon’s corporate soft skills training covers them all.

Inculcating the competency in your employees to interact effectively and productively with others is something that every organisation should be considering. Junoon’s behavioural and soft skills development programs can help you launch your team’s performance on the trajectory of success.

Junoon's Corporate Soft-Skills Training Programs - Benefits

Enhancing managerial capacity.

Identifying the performers.

Creating a competitive edge.

Right person on the right job.

Developing group decision making.

Out of the box thinking.

Focus on driving results.

Value-based decision making.

Personal goal setting & risk taking.

Learning how to take feedback.

Conflict management tactics.

Improved leadership skills.

Junoon's Corporate Soft-Skills Training Programs - Methodology

Our Training Tools

Team Building Games

to help participants explore their behavior, communication, leadership skills, teamwork and effectiveness.

Nature based Locations

to help participants detox from the digital world, step out of their comfort zones and experience memorable adventures.

Experiential Learning

to ensure participants learn-by-doing which is more effective, impactful and will create a lasting change in their work-life.

Why Choose Junoon


Our USPs

More than two decades' worth of presence in the Experiential Learning industry.
Customised corporate outbound training modules to suit individual organisations.
Strong pool of HR Trainers and NLP Experts to mentor participants.
Over 200 games and activities catering to all fitness levels, training goals and demographics.
Immense knowledge of nature based locations across the country for truly detoxifying OBTs.
Active collaboration with HR department to solve people-based challenges in the organisation.
NO CLASSROOM SESSIONS to ensure training remains fun and engaging.
Option for adventure activities to allow employees to build self confidence.
Flexibility to organise sessions in resorts, office/factory premises and even jungles.
Sustainable Tourism approach with no single-use-plastics used in the entire program.
COVID - SAFE Corporate Outbound Training Programs with proper precautions followed.


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Outstanding Experience ,learning, Thank Junoon team for showing us mirror what we have to building organizational as a ACTUAL TEAM.

Syed Masood Aakriti AG8 Ventures

Our Clients

Junoon's Corporate Soft-Skills Training Programs - Options

Choose from our range of Corporate Soft-Skills Training program options to match your organisation's training needs.

Half Day Session

A short duration that packs a punch.

Full Day Program

A day outdoors, packed full with action.

Overnight Camp

Go on full-on survival mode with your team.

Weekend OBT

End your work week with a dash of fun.


Plan the OBT that best suits your team.