Fun Outings for Students

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy..

An age old saying that still holds a ton of meaning!

Without a few moments of fun and excitement, work becomes boring and tiresome. This is even more so in case of studies when kids, whether small or teens or young adults, are constantly under pressure of performing better. In the midst of rising cut off percentages and overwhelming burden of studies, every student deserves a day of relaxation and fun. And Junoon can help you with that!

Play to relax and experience the detoxification which games and adventure can bring into life. Junoon Adventure offers many experiential games and plots, with enough variety to fit into any kind of school or college picnic plan you have in mind. Outdoor activities can be a quick stress buster and if they are properly harnessed with everyday life and learning, the result can be a wondrous transformation in performance and lifestyle. At Junoon our core competence is to mix adventure and fun activities with personality building, to be experienced by the students of your institute in the midst of the full glory of nature. These activities thrill and rejuvenate the participants and elevate their motives to perform.

If you are planning for an outing for the students of your institute, do give us a call! With our games and activities, this adventure picnic for your school/college students will be an instant hit. This will definitely be an experience that your kids will never forget..