Junoon’s Upcoming Treks and Adventures

Junoon's Upcoming Treks and Adventures

When the adventure bug bites, even the strongest among us find it hard to resist the temptation of just picking up the backpack and heading out. So if you have been day dreaming about the mountains or missing the fresh jungle air filling up your lungs, Junoon Adventure is here with a whole bunch of adventure experiences, camping programs and upcoming treks near Bhopal that you can choose from. So tie up your shoelaces, pack your bags and get ready to join Bhopal’s upcoming adventures by Junoon.

Awaargi – Exploring Unknown Trekking Places Near Bhopal

Our signature day events where we explore unknown and unheard of places for trekking near Bhopal, Indore and Central MP – Awaargi is as exclusive as it gets. Packed full of fun activities, adventures, anthropological learning and wilderness experiences, Awaargi lets you get the best of MP’s untamed outdoors. Our beautiful state has a ton of wonderful places to explore for treks and camps. Join our trekking group in Bhopal for the next outdoor adventure!

Interlude - Weekend Adventure Experiences in MP

Experience nature’s blessings amidst the best of worldly pleasures with Interlude – a chance to take a break from the city life. Let go of your worldly woes as you relax in a jungle camp near Bhopal or a luxury wilderness resort in Satpura. Go on wildlife safaris in one of the many National Parks of MP, try your hands on adventure activities, walk through remote villages and interact with the resident tribes or simply let us guide you on an exclusive trek in MP. Choose from our select properties that will give you the most wonderful memories amidst nature with Interlude.

JT2 - Himalayan Treks and Camps.

One of the most awaited of all Bhopal’s upcoming events – JT2. Pack your woollens and leave the sweltering heat of MP behind every summer as Junoon heads out for our annual Himalayan Trekking camp. Explore a new locations each year, stay in tents, play with snow and experience the glory of the mountains first hand. Our trekking group in Bhopal includes an incredibly fun bunch of people who will make your Himalayan experience even more memorable. Join our next JT2 Himalayan Trek from Bhopal in upcoming summer months. Check out the details right here.

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Showing all 6 results