Trekking and Camping

They say memories are made on paths made of dirt and days full of sweat. These paths take you to places where you might not find a WiFi connection or any luxurious comforts – but these paths will take you to places where you will find yourself. Trekking offers the perfect combination of exercise and relaxation. The activity lets you work out your body and relax your mind and soul. There can be nothing better than a day spent exploring unmapped dirt paths, unseen beautiful vistas and unknown gems hidden behind the green curtain of a dense jungle. The experiences you can gain while camping and trekking in the wild are beyond anything that you can expect to get anywhere else!

India and its world class trekking opportunities are second to none, and we aren’t just talking about the Himalayas here. From exploring the gorgeously green Western Ghats to enjoying Vindhyachal camping to checking out the bluish-tinged landscape of the Nilgiris to the gorgeous Satpura trekking trails, there is just so much hiding behind the usual tourist-y attractions that an entire lifetime isn’t enough to see it all. Every nook and corner of the country hides an unknown gem – a jungle oh, so deep, a river valley inexplicably beautiful, a snow capped peak more charming than ever, a quaint little village with a culture so unique, a ridge walk that will get your heart racing, a hill waiting to be climbed, a cave waiting to be explored… Trekking, rappelling, rock climbing, bouldering, river crossing, mountaineering, caving – just about every adventure is possible in India.

And that is where we come in – Junoon Adventure – the one name that you can trust for checking out each of these trekking and camping places in India. We are here to facilitate your trysts with adventure and we promise to make these journeys more memorable than ever! Check out all the amazing options we have on offer – this is where you plan your date with nature in style. From camping in Bhopal to trekking in the Himalayas, from corporate outdoor programs to student wilderness experiences, from single day treks with friends to full scale adventure getaways – everything is possible with Junoon Adventure.

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