Employee Engagement Programs

Corporate Pathshala by Junoon Adventure

Employee engagement programs provide HR managers with a unique approach towards ensuring that employees are committed towards organisational growth and success while upholding company values and improving the overall work culture. The idea behind these workshops is to get employees invested, not just physically and financially but also emotionally into the well-being of the enterprise. Their dedication towards KRAs and positive self-expression– on cognitive, emotional, creative as well as physical fronts, during work performances is the ultimate objective sought to be achieved through corporate employee engagement programs.

And Junoon offers ever-more creative solutions for helping HR managers design and deliver impactful employee engagement initiatives while giving a chance to the workers to connect with their enterprise on a deeper level.

Through our outbound employee engagement programs, Junoon seeks to create opportunities for participants to express themselves in a safe and controlled setting and ensuring that they know that the organisation they work for truly cares about them. This, in-turn, ensures that employees are fully involved-in and enthusiastic about their role in the company and are willing to do whatever they can to further the enterprise’s interests. We work closely with your HR management to identify key areas of engagement whereby participants can be motivated and their loyalties can be harnessed for eventual improvements their key result areas. It is a format through which both, the employee as well as the employer are benefited.

Junoon’s employee engagement programs in India can be the miracle drug that you have been looking for to resolve workplace challenges. These outbound programs don’t just correlate with organisational greatness, they actually create ‘great organisations’!

Junoon's Employee Engagement Programs - Benefits

Employee welfare and loyalty.

Dedicated and loyal workforce.

Improved worker retention.

Showing the company cares.

Enhanced productivity.

Reduced conflicts within the team.

Employees willing to do more.

Employees willing to do more.

Enhanced job satisfaction.

Improved work-life balance.

Enhanced productivity.

Feeling of positivity towards work.

Junoon's Employee Engagement Programs - Methodology

Our Training Tools

Team Building Games

to help participants explore their behavior, communication, leadership skills, teamwork and effectiveness.

Nature based Locations

to help participants detox from the digital world, step out of their comfort zones and experience memorable adventures.

Experiential Learning

to ensure participants learn-by-doing which is more effective, impactful and will create a lasting change in their work-life.

Why Choose Junoon

2 decades of Corporate Training Experience.

Custom designed training modules for each organisation.

Strong pool of HR Trainers & NLP Experts.

Huge range of nature based locations for OBTs.

Over 200 team building games and activities.

All fitness levels, age groups and demographics.

Active collaboration with HR department.

Adventure activities to build confidence.

NO CLASSROOM SESSIONs – purely outdoor trainings.

Workshops in resorts, factory premises & jungles.

Sustainable tourism with no single-use-plastics used.

COVID - SAFE Corporate Outbound Training Programs.


Our Clients


We have partnered with Mr Yog & his team for many OBT sessions across various states. He is very professional & always well prepared for any session. He adds lot of value while he imparts the learning through various events. Will cherish the times with him. Good luck Yog ji.

Richard Michael

TAFE Limited

I have known Yog and Junoon for almost 2 decades. Yog is very passionate about the adventure trips that he runs. He has immense knowledge on adventure, flora & fauna and his operations are completely supported by the principles of responsible & sustainable tourism. His honesty is a rare asset. I wish him all the very best for future and will not hesitate to recommend his services.

Tejbir Singh Anand

Holiday Moods Adventures

Outstanding Experience ,learning, Thank Junoon team for showing us mirror what we have to building organizational as a ACTUAL TEAM.

Syed Masood

Aakriti AG8 Ventures

Junoon's Employee Engagement Programs - Take Your Pick

Choose from our range of Employee Engagement program options to match your organisation's training needs.

Half Day Session

A short duration that packs a punch.

Full Day Program

A day outdoors, packed full with action.

Overnight Camp

Go on full-on survival mode with your team.

Weekend OBT

End your work week with a dash of fun.


Plan the OBT that best suits your team.

Junoon's Employee Engagement Programs - Locations