personality development programs for students

Enhancing the skills and overall psyche of the youth of India is critical especially when a meltdown has already started. The lack of skills and attitudes which can be developed through intensive training is particularly visible in towns like Bhopal and Indore. Junoon’s experience in working with corporate provides its unique advantage of understanding the industry expectations. We provide lot of modules of personality development through adventure and experiential learning program to aspiring youths.

Outbound programs have been found to be particularly effective in areas that involve  relationships, trust and bonding, communication of shared vision and goals, motivation, behavior modification in response to change, and personal effectiveness.

These programs are usually conducted in wilderness sites far removed from human civilization. In a tranquil and informal environment, up close with nature, people are found to become more introspective and uninhibited, paving the way for a complete and effective learning process. After spending a few days in an outdoor situation, students tend to bond and learn together in a way that is impossible in a classroom atmosphere with its existing worries and stresses.

Additionally, in unfamiliar environments and unpredictable situations, stretched beyond their normal comfort zones, kids tend to lose their inhibitions, shed their masks and become more receptive to learning. In the environment thus created, it becomes possible for a sensitive and experienced facilitator to identify strengths and trouble areas, and suggest new coping behavior.

Outbound training is particularly relevant to today’s society as it demonstrates to people that they in fact do possess the necessary internal resources required of them; that in spite of differences in backgrounds they can live and work together; and that it is intrinsic to human nature to be helpful. It has been repeatedly proven that the student participants in a well-designed outbound program always find the experience memorable, and the benefits significant and long-lasting.

Whether you are planning an outbound personality development training for students of your school or college, we have custom built solutions to cater to all your expectations. Do give us a call to let us know how we can assist you in building a bright future of India by working with the budding youth of the country.