It is a widely known fact that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. However, any white-collar job these days is of the same nature – all work and no play. How, then, are businesses supposed to maintain productivity at high levels? It is only through offering their employees some manner of recreational, challenging engagement that a fresh start can be initiated in the thinking process and mindset of the employees, which can be easily achieved through corporate outbound training.

How does corporate OBT offer a “fresh start”?

  • All outbound trainings are conducted in a completely new environment – mostly close to nature. This offers the participants to experience a setting totally different from their work environment. It is a highly effective way to invoke curiosity for the new surroundings in anybody’s mind. Curiosity is an important element to scintillate the mind.
  • Office work demands output of certain specific set of skills to achieve desirable results. As time passes, a burnout stage is reached when it becomes necessary to present some creative challenges to the employees in order to reactivate their thought process. Outbound trainings are interlaced with interesting activities that employ critical thinking as the basic requirement, thus providing the participants a new perspective to think from. It catalyses their recreational capabilities and provides them with an opportunity to display their extra-curricular skills as well. In the long run, this helps to reaffirm confidence as well as open new avenues of social bonding between employees.
  • Always having to give 100% to work and company is bound to birth some amount of animosity from the employees towards the employer. By organizing periodical outbound camps, the brand communicates to the employees that it cares for them; this goes a long way in building trust, and also reinvigorates the spirit of the employees towards their job responsibilities.
  • Outbound training programs often aim at dissolving hierarchical boundaries between the participants, allowing all of them to compete at the same level. A new kind of bonding is initiated by doing this, reinforcing a feeling of goodwill among those who are teamed up – seniority/juniority notwithstanding.
  • A break in the monotony of daily life always works to help reset the thought process in a person.


Organizing regular outbound training camps for the employees helps them regain their productive capacities in more aspects than one. Junoon Adventure offers bespoke training solutions to corporates, tailored according to the employer’s needs.