The chance to discover a new side of life – H.E.A.T.

H.E.A.T. has been that one getaway that allows me to be myself completely, to do what I love most and get a chance to know some amazing people along the way. Every year, I embark upon this expedition with the mind to experience some amazing moments and H.E.A.T. has never failed me in this regard. Ever since my first one way back in 2002, this trip thrown surprise upon surprise my way. And the best part is, this trip means a chance to explore the mighty Himalayas in a way that is totally untried!

Just imagine..

trekking on a trail that will take you into the heart of the mountains, away from civilization and human impact, into the midst of nature. Every step you take in this gorgeous setting unveils a new surprise, a new gift from Mother Nature waiting to amaze you. Every sight you see, every sound you hear and every breath you take is a delight to the senses, making you feel alive like never before!

Then the people on the journey always make the experience even more exciting. Its a new mix of people every time, all hailing from different walks of life and all adding a new color to the whole expedition. In fact, I have trekked with a 3 year old kid and even a 60 year old couple.. together discovering the hidden treasures of these amazing mountains.

I have witnessed the Himalayas taking their toll on these trekkers, challenging them in unexpected ways and getting them to push their limits.I have seen people failing, giving up half way. And I have witnessed people emerging triumphant, that look of satisfaction and pride dawning on their faces as they set foot in the trek’s destination for the first time.

Where once I used to be a sole trekker, I am now a Trek Group Leader.. and I am proud to say that on each of my expeditions, no hiker has failed to reach to the top! Whether they are confident to complete the challenge or are apprehensive about their abilities, I make sure that they complete the journey, no matter what it takes!

Why do I do it?

Well it is the look in their eyes that amazes me, the expression that their faces exhibit   when they finally get to see that great Himalayan treasure for the first time. That satisfaction, the amazement and the awe that they feel when they set their eyes on those amazing views is humbling as well as gratifying for me, all at the same time. If I could play my small part in getting these people to discover their adventurous side, getting them to test themselves beyond their limits and giving them a chance to witness some of the most breathtaking sights on Planet Earth, I consider my life’s purpose fulfilled.

And as I am making my way back home, the anticipation for the next H.E.A.T. is already rushing through my veins. I cant help but imagine what the next expedition will be like and what the surprises will the Himalayas have in store for me this time. So I am asking you, will you join me for this ultimate adventure next time?!!