Yeh Jawani He Deewani… And what not to do while trekking in the mountains

Yeah yeah.. the movie has been out for months now but with the Himalayan trekking season upon us, we just thought of setting the record straight..

Well this here was a movie that sort of put mountain trekking on the map.images It got people up and down the country (especially the younger kind.. 😉 ) googling for trips to the glorious mountains that we have up north. It got people to consider taking a different kind of vacation –  one that is closer to nature and with a touch of adventure. It gave Deepika Padukone and Ranbeer Kapoor’s career a big time boost too! But it also did set a few false standards and I thought I should just clear the air of them before you plan your trekking adventure for the coming summers..

So here goes..

Ladies and gentlemen.. with the blockbuster “Yeh Jawani He Deewani” in the backdrop, here is what you should not be doing while you trek in the mountains.

Clothing like this movie? NO!
The slightest touch with it can give you serious boils on your skin and the pesky  plant grows all over the place here!
The slightest touch with it can give you serious boils on your skin and the pesky plant grows all over the place here!

Don’t get me wrong now.. I have nothing against fashionable wear but whether you are a guy or a girl.. in the land of the ‘Bichoo Booti’, you DO NOT go about dressed like that. Reason why? You could seriously hurt yourself! Then there are insects and bugs and small little critters and other poisonous animals and plants that can harm your body in more ways than one!


Then whether you are an experienced trekker or an amateur, Evelyn-Sharma-with-Ranbir-Kapoor-in-Yeh-Jawaani-Hai-Deewani.-Pic-2the chances of getting cuts and scrapes in the wild is pretty high. Imagine trying to navigate your way through thorny bushes wearing something like THAT! You get the picture I guess.. Being out in the wild needs some precautions to be followed quite strictly on your part and ensuring comfortable and protective clothing is an important one (but hey… if you have Ranbeer or Deepika trekking in your group, I guess you  are allowed to make at least one exception. 😉 )

Taking off on your own like Ranbeer and Deepika did? Absolutely NO!

yeh-jawaani8See my point is, I accept you are a strong and experienced trekker who of course can manage a solo trek. And you might be sensible enough to find your way in the woods too. And then, you HAVE managed to complete several solo treks in the the plainer regions of the country…

But no matter how much it catches your fancy, solo trekking is a strict NO-NO in the mountains! You see, here the conditions are different – the trails are a lot more treacherous, the air is thin which means less oxygen and even more stress for your body, the flora and fauna is new and unknown for most people and finally the nearest speck of civilization and help is miles away. So if, God forbid, you injure yourself or get incapacitated for any reason, it would be days before anybody finds your location. And who knows what would happen by then…

No.. when in the mountains you do not go off on your own solo adventure, away from the group, like Ranbeer and Deepika did.

Boozing? HELL NO!!!

I hate to be a spoil sport people, but no matter what, you do NOT consume alcohol while trekking in the mountains. Now I know what you will say – it would be cold and a bit of rum will be good for warmth… But if you have boozed before, you must be aware that it can seriously dehydrate your body. And a dehydrated body at THOSE altitudes with the thin air, scarce oxygen and altitude sickness –  not a good combination at all. And you can think that the nearest help is going to miles away from you.

So the mantra to follow is –

DON’T DRIVE under the influence of alcohol and DON’T TREK under the influence of  alcohol. Period!

And if it is warmth you are seeking, why don’t you put on some woollens 🙂