Outbound trainings are the latest trend in corporate houses these days. Some organizations have even made it mandatory for their employees to go through such trainings as part of their work curriculum – and there is a big reason behind it. Corporate life is fraught with high levels of stress, resulting in high levels of cortisol in the body. This results in prolonged negativity in the employees, which leads to a vicious loop of frustration and high employee turnover. This directly attacks a company’s productivity and efficiency. To combat this, outbound trainings have been brought into the frame. Let’s see how they are effective in dealing with human resources of a company.

Corporate outbound training has a science behind it. While stress and monotonous work increase cortisol levels, our body also has a countermeasure to balance it out – endorphins and dopamine. These hormones are released in the body through physical activity and a feeling of achievement. As it goes, not everybody has a dedicated exercise regime, which results in them carrying excessive cortisol in their bodies, making them feel its effects like fatigue, peevishness, reduction in productivity and attention-span, etc. The employers, therefore, have their employees participate regularly in outbound trainings. Such trainings are interlaced with activities – both physically and mentally stimulating – that help balance out the negatives and positives of work-culture.


Getting the employees outdoors results in numerous physical benefits that go a long way in inspiring and motivating them towards leading a more positive lifestyle.

  • Release of endorphins – the adventure activities that employees participate in have considerable physical movement that helps them get a good workout.
  • Inspiration and motivation to start regular exercise – many employees feel motivated and inspired to get fit and active while on outbound trainings. Many of them see this through and actually start working to gain a fitter body; and it is as they say, a fit body houses a fit mind.
  • Benefits of getting outdoors – apart from a change in routine, getting outdoors into nature always has its benefits. Breathing in fresh air, relaxing under the trees, eating woodfire-cooked food; the entire experience helps the body re-tune its frequency back to natural.


  • Sense of achievement – participating in outdoor activities and reaching the finish line always triggers a sense of achievement, however mild or strong, which always results in positive feeling and attitude towards life.
  • Broadening of outlook – the 4×4 cubicle of office environment only has so much of experience to give, and it can be changed through outbound trainings. Getting out of that cubicle and into the raw outdoors helps employees broaden their perspective of life, which may ultimately help them hatch new ideas and see things differently.
  • Icebreakers between employees – outbound trainings are a great way for your employees to get to know each other, which would not normally happen in an office environment.
  • Better social involvement – Humans are social creatures; if the caveats of hierarchy are removed, humans can gel together surprisingly well. This helps to form stronger teams and a cohesive, conflict-free work-environment.

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