Awaargi - Unseen Treks of Madhya Pradesh

Explore new and unexplored trekking places in Madhya Pradesh every month with Junoon Adventure

They say the most memorable treks happen in the snowy mountains. But we here at Junoon say - if you haven’t been on a trek in Madhya Pradesh, you truly haven’t experienced the best of adventure in the country. With notoriously dense jungles, a plethora of wild fauna and a the challenging terrain of Satpura and Vindhyachal ranges, Madhya Pradesh treats you with a wide range of adventures the likes of which you wouldn’t find in any other place.

And the best part is – most of these trekking places in Madhya Pradesh are yet unexplored and untarnished! Virgin patches of forests, hidden lakes, obscure caves, challenging rock structures, raging rivers and untamed wilderness – all of this awaits you here in MP and we at Junoon will make sure you get to see it all!

Introducing AWAARGI - Junoon’s exclusive trekking program that will take you on wild explorations of these unseen and unheard-of trails of Madhya Pradesh

Planned as a monthly trekking product, Awaargi treks will explore a new trek in Madhya Pradesh every month. Usually planned as a weekend trek near Bhopal, Awaargi includes the best of nature experiences, loads of learning and adventure activities that will surely get the adrenaline pumping in your veins.

With the option to get that up-close-and-personal encounter with the wilderness of MP, Awaargi also allows you to learn about indigenous cultures of the people that inhabit our state’s forests. Visits to tribal villages, checking out ancient rock paintings in Satpura and Vindhyachal, learning about the history of the land, exploring the biodiversity of the state ad witnessing the true, uncharted beauty of Madhya Pradesh – that is what we have in store for you!

Madhya Pradesh is so much more than just a wildlife destination. Let Junoon show you the true beauty of this state with Awaargi – the unseen treks of MP with a new place to explore every month!

Awaargi - Trekking in Bhopal with Junoon Adventure

Awaargi Treks - Explore Unseen Trekking Places in Madhya Pradesh

Lesser known trekking places in Madhya Pradesh

New Trekking Trails every month

Wildlife Spotting, Flora Identification, Bird Watching

Adventure Activities and Interesting Trails

Suitable for all age groups

Tribal Village Visits and Photography walks

Awaargi - Upcoming Trekking Program

Join Junoon for a memorable day-out exploring this unknown trekking place near Bhopal - Amdoh.

Friendship Day Long Weekend
31st July - 1st Aug - 2nd Aug
Friday (Eid) - Saturday - Sunday (Friendship Day)
3 Batches with 20 participants each
1 Batch each day
Day Trek near Bhopal - morning to evening
Half-day Trekking + Adventure Activities
Covid-19 precautions followed

Why Choose Junoon

Certified adventure instructors.

Long track record of safe treks.

Immense knowledge about nature.

Unmatched hospitality and care.

Creative execution of treks.

Perfect for ages 3-60 years.

Offbeat, less-explored trails.

No single-use plastics used.

Cleaning Drives for all trails.

First-aid trained trek leaders.

Hand-holding support to trekkers.

COVID-Safe treks and camps.



Responsible Travel

Awaargi - Past Trekking Events

Check out all the Trekking places in Madhya Pradesh that we have explored in our past Awaargi Programs. Click on the links below to view pictures from the treks.