7 things about Triund and Indrahaar Pass trail to make your heart sing!

They call it the Himalayan KEEDA..

An insatiable lust that will burn in your heart for the rest of your life – to go back to the wild, powerful and enchanting land of the mountains again and again and again..

And if you are lucky enough to start this Himalayan love affair with a trek to Triund and Indrahaar pass trail, yours will have been a story written in heaven..LITERALLY

One of the most popular trekking routes in the country, this place has borne witness to many trekkers and nature lovers coming out of their shells. There is something so mesmerizing about this place that you just cannot resist being inspired.

And if you need more reasons to try this Himalayan trek yourself, here are some of the things that you will be carrying with you back home as amazing memories..

#1  The Magic View Cafe

Junoon Adventure - Magic View Cafe - Triund Hill

(Oldest Chai Shop – Since 1984..now that is definitely an achievement worth boasting about..)

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#2  The Dogs of Triund

Junoon Adventure - Dogs of Triund Indrahaar Pass

(Moti.. Sheru and their friends will keep you company all the way to the top)

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#3  The Culture Cocktail

Junoon Adventure - a mix of cultures at Triund, Mcleodganj

(the entire world congregates on the top of that hill and becomes BFFs.. All we need for world peace and human solidarity is a Trek to Triund)

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#4  A Backpacker’s Fine Dining

Junoon Adventure - Maggi at Triund Indrahaar Pass

(Maggi, Marley and a Mug full of Chai… Food as God intended it to be)

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#5  Constantly Changing Views

Junoon Adventure - Photography at Triund Indrahaar Pass

(the photographer inside you will scream like an ecstatic teenager at a pop concert.. time to whip out those DSLR Lenses guys!)

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#6  The Clouds

Junoon Adventure - Triund Clouds

(you will actually be in heaven..)

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#7  The Trek Itself

Junoon Adventure - Trek to Triund Indrahaar Pass

(the best way to get a taste of undiluted Himalayan awesomeness)

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Want to be there and see for yourself? Just block the dates between 2nd to 6th October 2015 in your Calendar for the

JT2 – Trek to Indrahaar Pass Trail..

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