TMTL Trekkers in Kathotiya with Junoon

A Monsoon Trek through the Jungle Trail

Partha Sarathi Basu Ji (Partho Dada) from Eicher Tractors shares his take on TMTL Trekkers’ trek to Kathotiya with Junoon Adventure

What comes to our mind in this age of Social media? Download FB, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and start conversing with whom we know. But that craze suddenly dies after few months. The reason behind is that, in most instances these social groups are simply not a community of “Like-minded people”. We all have natural affinity towards like-mindedness, who has interests as me. It is said that the richness of our lives is determined by the quality of the friends we have.

Trekking Places around Bhopal
Hard to imagine a place as awesome as THIS so close to Bhopal City!

Can we not have a friend at office – one who has interest in adventure, zeal to know the unknown and hobbies like bird watching, nature photography, nature camping etc.?  With this idea, an informal group was formed amongst the employees of EICHER TRACTORS – Bhopal plant and named as TMTL Trekkers – a budding  corporate trekking group in Bhopal of likeminded individuals who love adventures and nature.

Trekkers Exploring Kathotiya with Junoon
The gang – corporate execs on the outside but hardcore adventure and nature lovers inside!

With all her contrasts, Madhya Pradesh is truly a place where trekkers surely would have a mind blowing experience. The state with its varied natural diversity gives trekkers ample scope to explore her scenery, wildlife, spirituality and adventure. Undoubtedly the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh attracts trekkers from far and wide and the members of TMTL Trekkers regularly explore the vistas of the heartland of India.

Monsoon Trekking in Kathotiya
The slippery and wet rock surfaces made the descent here even more treacherous and thrilling!

On 72nd Independence Day of India, the members of TMTL Trekkers celebrated very differently and set out for a long trek in Bhopal to know the unknown and know the self.  They lived a day differently in wilderness of Ratapani reserve forest range in the lap of Vindyachal mountain range. Ratapani Tiger Reserve is an upcoming wildlife tourism destination, close to Bhopal. This forest range spreads over hills of Vindhya ranges. Despite being at close proximity of Bhopal city, it is relatively untouched forest area with hills and cliffs. It gives shelters to different animals, birds, reptiles and is rich in flora and fauna. A lesser known but a much bigger rock painting site than Bhimbetika is hidden in the jungles of Kathotiya in this Ratapani forest range. Almost 60% of India’s painted rock shelters are located in Madhya Pradesh, and most of the rock art sites are around Bhopal.

Monsoon Trekking in Bhopal
Notice the raindrops dripping from our umbrellas! Awesome fun to have trekked in the jungle when it was raining cats and dogs

In monsoon, the Kathotiya forest range presents itself with mesmerizing beauty and abundance. It was really a great experience for the team to explore & witness the nature passionately. The team overcame various challenges in the terrain by sheer teamwork that led to great team bonding and cohesiveness. Adventurer and nature enthusiast Yog Dutt and the Junoon Adventure Team facilitated the nature walk through this difficult terrain with all his passion and warmth. Seeing the high level of enthusiasm and spirit amongst the members of our trekking club, we are sure to explore new trails, places to discover, experience to understand the Mother Nature and each other in a deeper way in coming times.

Cave Exploration in Bhopal
The light at the end of the tunnel – quite literally!

Check out the pictures of TMTL Trekkers’ Trek to Kathotiya with Junoon Adventure on the 72nd Independence Day of India.
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Monsoon River in Kathotiya
Energetic trekkers from Eicher Tractors explored the awesome Vindhyachal terrain.. had a great time checking out the jungle and tribal village near Bhopal.