A Cultural, Adventure trip to Nepal

Junoon’s New Year Trip to Nepal packs the complete experience a traveller needs to understand his destination. Here is a list of amazing things to do in Nepal:

Paragliding – elevate your experience of Nepal in every sense by booking yourself on the next chute down the Kathmandu Valley! Paragliding over Phewa Lake in Pokhara is one other option you can explore in this sport.

Highest bridge in Nepal – dare to push your limits as you go down this suspension bridge, the Kusma Gyadi, that is birthed by the thrills of Hell itself! The highest and longest in Nepal, take a bicycle and leave your fears behind at one end as you roll down across Nepali valleys below.

Bungee jump at last resort – nothing can give you the adrenaline rush spike like the 160-metre high bungee setup on a rickety, spindly bridge over the Bhote Kosi river at The Last Resort in Nepal. Feeling excited yet?

Food! Who can forget that? Tie up your shoelaces and set out exploring the streets of Nepali cities – Thamel for its markets and streetside snack stalls; Pokhara for its contemporary cafes, Phewa Lake for its eateries facing the lake and mountains – a treat for your eyes as well! Experience true global cuisine in Nepal with Junoon Adventure.

Street exploration – imagine city centres sprawling and crawling with locals gathered around hole-in-the-wall shops. Nepal is known for its hospitable people, and you will experience that as you walk into a shop and are greeted with bows and Namastes by the shopkeepers. For souvenirs, try the hand-painted lanterns or handmade rice-paper notebooks. Streets of Nepal are a must-have experience!

History – you must schedule a history tour in Nepal. A walk around Durbar Square will leave you humbled to have seen such magnificent structures surviving the tides of time. Also plan visits to Shree Pashupatinath temple and Changu Narayan Temple.

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