For the love of Trekking..

Last year’s friendship day arrived with a special honor.. a chance to celebrate the occasion with some amazing people, adventure style!

People from all walks of life.. some techies, some law experts, some students.. many seasoned businessmen.. but they all had one thing in common.. They were all there to enjoy Friendship Day in a format with a difference.. Night Camping and Trekking with Junoon Adventure..

So much to learn and so many fun experiences to share from the event.. but I guess you all have heard me all but too often! I’m thinking let’s do something different this time..

Allow me to introduce Ankita Menghwani, one of the fellow thrill seekers who had joined us for the Night Camping event. Big time lover of reading and literature, she is a student as well as a budding writer.. but inside she is an adventurist just like all of us!

So here is the Friendship Day Night Camping and Trekking Event.. in Ankita’s words..

            (NIGHT CAMPING and TREKKING in BHOPAL , August 3rd to 4th , 2013)

How does it feel when you get to experience something that you’ve wanted to do all your life ? Let me tell you , the feeling is beyond
Amazing. I got this great feeling when I went for my first trekking Expedition in the lush green forests of Daulatpur , Bhopal.

This adventure trip gave me a pleasant break from my boring , mediocre life. This trip was organised to celebrate Friendship’s Day in a unique way. There were different kinds of people from different walks of life. All of them were craving for some adventure.

After some quick introductions we were served pakodas , bhuttas & adrak wali chai.

Awesome , right !

This was an absolutely beautiful start to our amazing trip. We enjoyed high tea in that
scenic beauty. Not many people are lucky enough to do that. The theme of our trip was ‘Tribal’. All the tents were named after all the tribes in India.

Then came the time for some friendly games. The whole group was divided into two teams. There was a lot of cheering & applauding.

It was great fun. And our team won. Yippee!

That taste of success was really sweet.

After all the fun and entertainment , food was served for the famished souls. The food was delicious. It was finger-licking good.

Then at around 12 o’ clock our night trekkingstarted. We started our hike with torches in our hands. All the members of the Junoon Team were there to guide us through the forest. It was mind-blowing.

After coming back from the night trek we all retired to our respective tents. But then it was such a beautiful night . How could we waste it by sleeping inside our tents ? So we spent the night camping under the starry sky.

I guess, the best thing about our group was that all of them were extremely hilarious and fun-loving people. We had so many laughs.

We were strangers by day and we became friends by night.

In the morning , after breakfast , we started with our trek. Everybody was bursting with excitement.

There was greenery all around. It was quite a poetic scene. Everybody got to experience the nature’s magical touch. It was a rejuvenating experience. And there was a waterfall too. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Then wet , tired and thirsty we started our return journey. Everybody was exhausted but the spirits were still high. Finally, our trek came to an end. The feeling of completing my first ever trek is indescribable.

Now let’s talk about the people who made this possible. JUNOON TEAM is amazing ! They are immensely professional and dedicated and will go out of their way to cater for your every need. They ensured that every aspect of the trip ran smoothly and made sure that we were all safe and sound.

A gargantuan thanks to each and every one of them for making this trip memorable.

This one takes a special place in my heart because it was my first ADVENTURE TRIP. I cannot rave enough about how much I enjoyed this action-packed  trip. This experience gave me a great opportunity to explore my adventurous streak. It was an unforgettable experience for me.

What can I say.. It was an honor Ankita.. to have you and every single person of that group be a part of our “Junooni” Friendship Day celebration. It truly was an experience worth remembering..