Corporate Outbound Training in Himachal Pradesh

Corporate Pathshala by Junoon Adventure

When it comes to taking a breaking the monotony of the conventional work scenario, Himachal Pradesh is one destination that packs a solid punch. Corporate outbound training programs in Himachal Pradesh tend to be memorable by definition. When you are in “The Land of the Gods”, you cannot expect anything less than a divinity from your excursion.

Team Building programs in Himachal Pradesh come with natural beauty packed into the deal from the very beginning. As soon as you enter the boundaries of this state, you know that you are now in a landscape that is beyond the beauty of this world. The snow-capped mountains, the raging Himalayan rivers, the scenic pine forests, the swaying crops in step farms and amazing wildlife – Himachal has it all. With direct access from most North Indian states and highly advanced hospitality infrastructure, you can plan your corporate outing in Himachal Pradesh with considerable ease. Whether it be a structured training session at a high-end luxury resort in the state or an adventurous corporate trip to a mountain campsite, Junoon offers you the best of Himachal for your outbound program.

Corporate Himachal Pradesh – The Industrial Scene

One of the most unique aspects about Himachal is that the state is powered by energy that is 100% generated from green sources. The place houses Asia’s largest bulk drug manufacturing area and accounts for 26% of the total hydroelectric power potential of India. Tourism is one of the biggest contributors to the GDP of the state followed by agriculture and fruit production. So whether your company is based here or are looking to travel to the state with your team, a corporate outbound training program in Himachal Pradesh will be one that you will always remember.

Corporate Outbound Training in Himachal Pradesh with Junoon Adventure

Junoon uses cognitive techniques and behaviour enhancement tools through team building games to expose corporate employees to experiential learning situations that will drive them towards desired outcomes. Our trainers use a no-classroom approach that allows us to add a fun an engaging element to the training session while ensuring that the learning impact drawn from the workshop is long lasting. You can choose to organise this training session in your office/factory premises or at a wilderness location or camping site in Himachal. Check out our range of Corporate Pathshala modules to select the one that best suits your organisation’s training requirements.

Junoon’s Corporate outbound training In Himachal Pradesh – Venues

Plan safe, effective and impactful team building and motivation sessions for your team in the venue of your choice.

Corporate Outbound Training Program in your Factory in Himachal Pradesh

Closest to Home

Corporate Outbound Training Program in your Factory/Office Premises in Himachal Pradesh

Corporate Outbound Training Program at a Resort in Himachal Pradesh.

Best of Luxuries

Corporate Outbound Training Program at a Resort/Camping Ground in Himachal Pradesh.

Corporate Outbound Training in Nature based Location in Himachal Pradesh

In Nature's Abode

Corporate Outbound Training Program in Nature-based Locations in Himachal Pradesh.

Junoon’s Corporate Outbound Training In Himachal Pradesh - Options

Choose from our range of Corporate Outbound Training options to match your organisation's training needs.

Half Day Session

A short duration that packs a punch.

Full Day Program

A day outdoors, packed full with action.

Overnight Camp

Go on full-on survival mode with your team.

Weekend OBT

End your work week with a dash of fun.


Plan the OBT that best suits your team.

Junoon’s Corporate outbound training In Himachal Pradesh – Locations

Choose from our range of locations in Madhya Pradesh for Corporate Training Programs.

Corporate Outbound Training Program in Dharamshala

Corporate Outbound Training Program in Dharamshala

Corporate Outbound Training Program in Dalhousie

Corporate Outbound Training Program in Dalhousie

Corporate Outbound Training Program in Pong Dam

Corporate Outbound Training Program in Pong Dam

Why Choose Junoon


Our USPs

More than two decades' worth of presence in the Experiential Learning industry.
Customised corporate outbound training modules to suit individual organisations.
Strong pool of HR Trainers and NLP Experts to mentor participants.
Over 200 games and activities catering to all fitness levels, training goals and demographics.
Immense knowledge of nature based locations across the country for truly detoxifying OBTs.
Active collaboration with HR department to solve people-based challenges in the organisation.
NO CLASSROOM SESSIONS to ensure training remains fun and engaging.
Option for adventure activities to allow employees to build self confidence.
Flexibility to organise sessions in resorts, office/factory premises and even jungles.
Sustainable Tourism approach with no single-use-plastics used in the entire program.
COVID - SAFE Corporate Outbound Training Programs with proper precautions followed.


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