A blog.. at last!

Long awaited? Following the trend? I don’t know..DSC04065Starting this blog is just something that I had been planning on doing since a very VERY long time.. something that I have finally found the time for!

Being a part of the adventure industry since years, I felt compelled to share the knowledge that I have collected all these years and the experiences that have  become the fuel that keeps me going! Even today, after more than a decade has passed since the first Adventure Bhopal event that Junoon hosted, I am still thrilled and excited as if it were the very first time! Excited.. to see the new faces who are about to be taken on a journey of  a lifetime… people who are on the brink of discovering a new way of life – a life full of adventure, excitement and taking unprecedented risks! That feeling of getting people to push themselves to new limits and discover the adventurer inside them is a thrill like no other for me.. And that is what I plan to share here 🙂

I plan on sharing knowledge and techniques.. tips on survival.. on exploration and on the technical aspects of being an adventurer..

I plan on sharing some amazing destinations in the country…ones that few know to exist but ones that will truly take your breath away once you set foot in them..

I plan on sharing every journey that I have made in my lifetime (trust me, there have been many 😛 !).. giving you a chance to explore our beautiful world with new eyes. my eyes.. the eyes of a wanderer.. a nature lover!

And most of all, I plan on dedicating this blog to all fellow Junoonis.. people who believe that a life lived with passion is a life well spent!