Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do..

Words to live by don’t you think? 

Who knows what life has in store for you! So lets break away from the chains of fear holding us back.. lets experience something new, something exciting, something totally crazy yet unbelievably inspiring..

Lets try something Adventurous!


We are the one stop destination for all your adventure fantasies to come alive. Known for our signature 'caring and supportive' approach, we have helped clients from all age groups in trying their hands on different adventure experiences with our oldest client being 65 and youngest being 3 years in age. We specialize in family style adventure events, himalayan trekking and camping along with adventure based corporate workshops with a client base that hails from all over India.

Scale new heights, fly like a bird, overcome your fears, experience the adrenaline rush and prove it to yourself that you are an adventurer! No matter what you have in mind, Junoon is the one Indian Adventure company that can make it happen for you.


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Why choose Junoon?



15+ years of experience in the industry in executing bespoke adventures in India



Strong team of certified adventure instructors to ensure you are always in safe hands.



Penchant to put a creative spin on every event so that it becomes an experience you will always remember.



We aren't adventure package aggregators - we actually get down and dirty with the actual execution of each activity we promise our clients.

Upcoming Events

Summer Himalayan Trek
May 2018

Beautiful, green, untouched valley.. dense forests the likes of which we have seldom come across.. rich flora and fauna bursting to be explored.. a thrilling drive to culminate the trip and walls of ice and snow over 30ft in height! – and none of the crowds that one will see, at say Rohtang Pass. Perhaps that is one of the reasons we couldn’t resist including the Sach Pass drive as part of the package – it is something that every adventure lover should definitely try at least once in their lifetime.

So here goes – the JT2 Churah Valley and Sach Pass Trip – few days of utter Himalayan madness!

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