Monkey Crawl

Imagine hanging by your stomach on a rope, with a deep gorge below you and trying to cross the length of it by the strength of your hands..

We guarantee you will definitely feel like a military commando once you are done with this adventure activity!

Tyrolean Traverse or Monkey Crawl, as we call it, often seems like a death defying stunt but trust us, with Junoon Adventure you are as safe as it is possible to be. With our gear and crew to support you at all times, the only thing left to fear will be your fear itself. And to conquer that will be an amazing achievement!

Monkey Crawl is an adventure activity that requires strength and stamina and we at Junoon feel that everyone has what it takes to do it! All one needs is passion or as we say Junoon to pull yourself just a little bit further..

Want to try your skills on Monkey Crawling? Do give us a call! We will set up an experience that will satisfy all your cravings for thrill!