The concrete jungle does have a way of getting on people’s nerves. By default, we have an innate craving of nature and its untamed wilderness. So if you do wish to find a way to get back to your core and find some sort of an escape from everyday urban life, try trekking with Junoon Adventure. There can be no better revitalization medicine for you than this!

We are very lucky indeed to be born and living in a country like India where nature is as abundant as what we see around us everyday. Trekking in India is an amazing experience of wonder, thrill and excitement that will put you in awe of Mother Nature and its outstanding beauty. There are trails to explore, places to discover, experiences to understand and beautiful sights to behold all around us – only that these are a tad bit off the well beaten concrete and tar roads we normally travel on. And Junoon Adventure will help you find a new path to try out on every India trekking experience!

We will assist you to trek into what is lesser known, into forest, into woods and into remote destinations where only the four legged dare. And where nature is untamed and unrestricted is where you will find true inner peace..

If you have a couple of days or couple of hours on the weekend and you feel like trekking then Team Junoon will be your guide. We will pack maps, guides, routes, landmarks and if needed food to explore nature. At Junoon, we assist in quenching your thirst for trekking and hiking. Just get a few like-minded nature lovers together and call us. We will tango. Rest assured of not repeating the same trek for the whole year.  Experience and explore  Hills, Forests, Wetlands, River beds and Remote villages.

And if daytime trekking is something you are used to now, we have Junoon’s night treks that are a scintillating and chillingly different experience. With the moonlight and your flashlight the only source of illumination, enjoy night trekking In India with the uncharted and untamed wilderness all around you. We guarantee it will be an experience you will never forget!

Call us today to book your next Indian hiking adventure!