I think all of us have seen images of commandos entering the scene of war from a helicopter, sliding down ropes and landing on the ground like the true heroes that they are..

How would you like to feel the same thrill and excitement in your life?

No.. we won’t send you smack in the middle of a war zone but we sure can get you to experience a smashing entry like the one that you have seen the soldiers make! Slithering is a high-adrenaline adventure activity that will get you to discover just how powerful gravity can be. Think.. jumping from a high point like a tree or a building.. and then sliding down to the ground on the rope supporting you.. It isn’t easy to take that leap of faith and its the closest you can come to experiencing a free fall after Bungee Jumping..

Junoon Adventure can get you to experience slithering almost anywhere in India. You will definitely love this adventure activity. This activity requires a fairly decent amount of physical fitness and calls for a high amount of stamina to climb a tree and take the jump for the ground. Having said that, Slithering is one adventure activity that adds a lot to your self-confidence and carves the desire of living an active life in a person.

So live and feel like a commando for few hours with Team Junoon. Experience the fun and thrill of Slithering in India with Junoon Adventure.