Rope Walking

..get over your fear of heights, Junooni style

So you are scared of heights…

Don’t worry! Team Junoon will help you to face your fears in a format that they will stand uprooted from their very core.

Imagine the tallest trees and then think what it would feel like if you were to climb to their top and walk between them, on a rope that is connecting their highest branches.. The feel of hanging there in mid air, with your hands and feet the walking the wire.. you might have seen it in the movies, where the protagonist slides between two buildings like James Bond but Junoon can get you to experience that in real life.

A rope walking adventure will definitely help you get over your fear of heights. And the feeling of accomplishing that impossible traverse is simply electrifying. And the best part is, this adventure is possible anywhere in India! So don’t wait any longer.. Join Junoon Adventure and attempt a feat that only James Bond could think of doing!