Rock Climbing

They say nothing can get your confidence to reach the sky than the sweet taste of achievement..

And when the achievement is reaching a nearly impossible-to-reach height by climbing a nearly unscalable rock, pulling your weight higher and higher, crossing nearly unmanageable cracks, ledges and crevices and emerging undefeated in the end… Well, if that doesn’t get you to believe in yourself, we don’t know what will!

Rock climbing is more than just an adventure activity. It is more than an achievement too.. It is one of those experiences that will get you to test your limits, to push yourself beyond your boundaries, to look at fear in the face and say that “Yes I can do anything I want and nothing will be able to stop me!”… Rock Climbing is success at its sweetest. It is power manifested in achievement. It is that unbelievable feeling you get when you realize you just defeated a mighty rock or hillock whose imposing height and challenges are enough to get most to stop and change tracks. But no.. nothing stands in your way of getting where you want.. That’s right! Rock Climbing makes you a conqueror!

Apart from the confidence, Rock Climbing in India will also get you to witness some astonishing sights..places, views and scenes that you might otherwise have never witnessed as they just can’t be seen from the normal vantage points. Rocks, Boulders and Hillocks are plenty in nature and they are waiting for you and Junoon Adventure will help you find a new challenge every time!

If achieving is what thrills you and reaching heights is what you dream of, then ‘Climber’ is your second name and Junoon Adventure will help you scale these impossible heights. Starting from 6 years to anyone who deems himself or herself as fit can try their hands on rock climbing. If you think you are fit and can lift your own weight then with the technical assistance and equipment of Team Junoon you can reach any height.

They say even eagle an needs a push to fly…