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Kerwa Dam… It’s a place where most of our childhood picnics have taken place. It’s a location that has always been in the news for being one of the favourite haunts of the many tigers that inhabit the jungles near Bhopal. It is also the place that people visit for enjoying adventures like zipline around Bhopal. However, it might come as a surprise to many that this popular picnic spot is also an amazing trekking place near Bhopal, with many shot and long duration trekking trails that are totally unheard of.

Kerwa Dam and its surrounding jungles fall within the Samardha Forest Range and serve as the green lungs of the city. The place enjoys close proximity with a beautiful water body – the expansive Kerwa Dam Reservoir. You can enjoy the experience of flying over this lake with the zipline in Bhopal. You can experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with rock climbing or Rappelling at Kerwa Dam on its 110ft natural rock surface. You can also explore the amazing jungles of Kerwa and visit hidden caves, rock paintings and tribal villages around the base.

Visiting Kerwa is something that has been a part of local Bhopalis since our childhood and hence, we all feel that we know the place quite well. However, when it comes to trekking near Kerwa, it is imperative that you only venture out on these trails with professionals. Proper permissions are required from respective authorities before you can enter the forests here. The place is a well-known tiger habitat and is also home to many sloth bears and other forms of wildlife.

So plan your next outing to Kerwa Dam – a trekking place near Bhopal that is bound to surprise you, no matter how many times you have visited the place in the past. Junoon Adventure will help you create a safe, engaging and memorable adventure at Kerwa Dam.

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Safety on Treks

As these places are not frequently visited by humans, they need to be explored with guidance of professional agencies. A due permission to trek or hike in this area from the forest department is also a must. We therefore suggest that all adventurers venturing out for a trek to Kerwa Dam should only do so with a competent and experienced adventure company/personnel that knows the terrain and is able to ensure your safety. Junoon Adventure can help you enjoy a safe and memorable experience of trekking in Bhopal. Call us to plan your outing!

Why Choose Junoon

Certified adventure instructors.

Long track record of safe treks.

Immense knowledge about nature.

Unmatched hospitality and care.

Creative execution of treks.

Perfect for ages 3-60 years.

Offbeat, less-explored trails.

No single-use plastics used.

Cleaning Drives for all trails.

First-aid trained trek leaders.

Hand-holding support to trekkers.

COVID-Safe treks and camps.



Junoon truely justifies its name... I did couple of tracks with this team and they simply add wow factor ... this team reveals a different angle to look at nature n wild habitats. These tracks includes lot of fun along with treasure of knowledge and revealing silent secrets of nature. Big applause for team Junoon who are highly enthusiastic and caring with warmth of ever smiling faces 😊😊😊 ( I witnessed the extreme limits of care Yogji reaches to make the track comfortable n safe).... Great doing... Keep rocking

Aradhana Sachdev

उम्मीद से हमेशा ज़्यादा देता है 'जुनून एडवेंचर', इन्होंने ट्रैकर्स को जो फैसेलिटीज दीं, उस लेवल और स्टैण्डर्ड पर मुझे लगता कि पूरे हिंदुस्तान में कोई एडवेंचर कपंनी ऐसा कर सकती है। Thanks junoon team for a great trip!

Saquib Khan

I can not define this team in 50 words here! They are bunch of beautiful, warm and open-hearted people led by a very passionate leader, Mr. Jog. They made my first experience to the outdoors unforgettable. The enthusiasm and warmth they share is very strong. Keep up the good work Guys! You all rock.

Agrima Gaur

Some of the best days I had with Team Junoon... You can always rely on them for making you forget about your normal lives and laugh and dance like anything on the peaks... They have mystical powers which make food even tastier and can bring out your hidden potentials very easily... Thank you Yog sir and thank you all the other members of the Junoon Team for striving to give us experiences of our lifetimes Always look forward to meeting you all and making new memories in your great company...

Garv Sawlani

Responsible Travel

Team Building Programs at Delawadi

You can find unique experiences and amazing facilities for a corporate outbound training program at Kerwa Dam. Junoon’s high impact team building games, mentoring from our experienced HR trainers and NLP experts and the beautiful ambience of Kerwa are all that you need for a memorable and intense training session with your team. Plan your next corporate outing at Kerwa with Junoon Adventure. Click on the ink below to check out our corporate training modules and services.

Student Outdoor Education Camps at Delawadi

Learning by doing – a revolutionary idea when it comes to preparing students to be leaders of tomorrow. Junoon Adventure’s student outdoor education camps at Kerwa provide kids with ample exposure to the wild in a controlled and safe setting. Our camps allow kids to step out of their comfort zone, learn independent living and survival, form lasting bonds with their friends and gain the self-confidence necessary to succeed. Plan your school educational trip around Bhopal with camping at Kerwa Dam. Click on the link below to explore the services that Junoon Adventure can offer.