Places around Bhopal

Explore these thrilling and beautiful places around Bhopal with Junoon Adventure

One of the best things about Bhopal is the awe-inspiring natural beauty that exists all around the city. With a plethora of nature-based places around Bhopal, adventure lovers can find a ton of thrilling experiences and beautiful locations to explore at just an arm's-reach. Surrounded by dense jungles all around, the city's outskirts is a frequent haunt for wild animals. Even tigers have been known to roam freely, just outside the limits of bustling townships towards the edges of Bhopal. And when you add the challenging terrain of Vindhyachal ranges and its many caves, waterfalls and rock surfaces, you get an intoxicating mix of adventure that is hard to come by in any other city of India.

That is what makes Bhopal unique. So plan a day of fun, excitement and adventure and explore one of the many places around Bhopal. Throw in a fantastic opportunity to get close with nature and explore the amazing wilderness that surrounds this awesome town of ours. Climb a tree, explore a cave, cross a flowing river or rappel down a formidable rock surface – you name it and Bhopal will not disappoint. No wonder this town is heaven for the nature lovers and thrill seekers of Central India.

Why Choose Junoon

Certified adventure instructors.

Long track record of safe treks.

Immense knowledge about nature.

Unmatched hospitality and care.

Creative execution of treks.

Perfect for ages 3-60 years.

Offbeat, less-explored trails.

No single-use plastics used.

Cleaning Drives for all trails.

First-aid trained trek leaders.

Hand-holding support to trekkers.

COVID-Safe treks and camps.



Junoon truely justifies its name... I did couple of tracks with this team and they simply add wow factor ... this team reveals a different angle to look at nature n wild habitats. These tracks includes lot of fun along with treasure of knowledge and revealing silent secrets of nature. Big applause for team Junoon who are highly enthusiastic and caring with warmth of ever smiling faces 😊😊😊 ( I witnessed the extreme limits of care Yogji reaches to make the track comfortable n safe).... Great doing... Keep rocking

Aradhana Sachdev

उम्मीद से हमेशा ज़्यादा देता है 'जुनून एडवेंचर', इन्होंने ट्रैकर्स को जो फैसेलिटीज दीं, उस लेवल और स्टैण्डर्ड पर मुझे लगता कि पूरे हिंदुस्तान में कोई एडवेंचर कपंनी ऐसा कर सकती है। Thanks junoon team for a great trip!

Saquib Khan

I can not define this team in 50 words here! They are bunch of beautiful, warm and open-hearted people led by a very passionate leader, Mr. Jog. They made my first experience to the outdoors unforgettable. The enthusiasm and warmth they share is very strong. Keep up the good work Guys! You all rock.

Agrima Gaur

Some of the best days I had with Team Junoon... You can always rely on them for making you forget about your normal lives and laugh and dance like anything on the peaks... They have mystical powers which make food even tastier and can bring out your hidden potentials very easily... Thank you Yog sir and thank you all the other members of the Junoon Team for striving to give us experiences of our lifetimes Always look forward to meeting you all and making new memories in your great company...

Garv Sawlani

Responsible Travel

Team Building Programs in Bhopal

Plan your next Team Building Program in Bhopal – one of the most interesting nature based venues in Bhopal. Our experienced HR trainers and NLP experts will help you explore your workplace issues and develop a cohesive relationship with your team in an experiential learning environment. With handpicked adventure activities, fun team building games and the beautiful ambience of Bhopal, this will be one corporate outing in Bhopal that will have a lasting impact on your work life.

Student Outdoor Camps in Bhopal

There is no better place for a school educational trip for kids to learn about the outdoors and develop an appreciation for Mother Nature than Bhopal. With adventure activities, wildlife exploration, village visits, trekking and surviving outdoors, Junoon Adventure’s student camps allow kids to learn about nature using a hands-on approach. Plan your next student outdoor education camp in Bhopal to and design a memorable learning experience for kids with Junoon Adventure.