Himalayan camping and trekking

a few days of no mobile..a few days free of E-mail..a few days without the pressure of daily life..

a few days of trekking in Himalayas..
a few days of getting in touch with yourself..
a few days of nature, fun and adventure!
Are you game for stealing those few days of pure pleasure from your life??Junoon Adventure is proud to present an experience  that thrill seekers and nature lovers wait for the entire year – a chance to experience the sheer beauty and power of the might Himalayas! And we don’t just mean a vacation of sight seeing.. we mean spending a few days in the lap of Mother Nature in total Junooni Style!!

Our Himalayan trekking and camping experience is a joyride a joy ride to the mighty mountains and a chance to discover what true beauty is all about! Come join us as we embark upon this amazing Himalaya Trekking expedition to the many hidden gems in this glorious mountain range. Witness the wonders of the Dhauladhar Range, discover the charming flora and fauna and experience a culture that is untouched by the urban civilization. Wake up each morning to a breathtaking view of the mighty Himalayas, spend the day exploring the thrillingly beautiful paths of valley and uncover a side of yourself that even you didn’t knew existed. These few days of trekking in Himalayas will transform your soul into the free bird it always wanted to be! Can you think of any other holiday experience such as this??

Come be a part of one of the biggest Himalaya trekking tours of the year! Take a breather from the hectic, everyday life and unwind into the most beautiful natural settings you can ever find. We can guarantee that this trek in Himalayas will be an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life! Join Junoon and transform your summers into an adventure and nature extravaganza..