Litter Warriors

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As an ATOAI Member and MOT Recognised Adventure Tour Operator, we at Junoon Adventure, pledge to be the guardians of our natural heritage and work as honorary wardens of the areas we operate in. We request our clients to pledge:

  1. LEAVE NO TRACE POLICY:They will leave our campsites, trails and areas of operation cleaner than we find them. They will not pollute or let others pollute our water bodies. They will minimize noise pollution impact and be mindful of other adventurers in the area. They will use existing trails and campsites and avoid making new ones.
  2. IMPACT ON LOCAL COMMUNITY:They will have a positive impact on local communities in their area of operation. They will respect local traditions and customs.
  3. CUSTODIANS OF OUR NATURAL HERITAGE:They will function as guardians and custodians of our natural heritage and the areas we operate in, follow all rules and regulations and respect and protect our fauna, flora, avifauna and coral reefs.
  4. SINGLE USE PLASTICS: They will ensure that they do not carry any single-use-plastics (use-and-throw bottles, plastic bags, straws, disposable plates, glasses and cutlery) during any of Junoon Adventure Outbounds and events and will attempt to avoid demanding and using the same in other aspects of their life as well. Plastic is the biggest enemy of Mother Nature and they will try to reduce our contribution of non-biodegradable plastic garbage to our systems.
  5. LITTER WARRIORS: They will act as ‘Litter Warriors’ and help Junoon to clean the trails they walk on, ensure that all their litter is brought back to the campsite and not disposed off in nature and attempt to bring back garbage left by others in the wild as well.