There are very few instances in life when you get to feel the true power of gravity..

And even fewer when you actually get to defeat it!

But with Jumaring you get to experience that ultimate high…

Imaging having to pull yourself up a tree or any other high point with with the help of a rope.. with nothing else to help you get up there! No branches to take support from, no hand or foot hold to seek leverage from, nothing but the raw strength of your muscles to get you to achieve the height you wish to attain.. Every inch of height gained will be a test of your strength and stamina – an achievement in its entirety! Jumaring is one activity that will get you to prove it to the world and to yourself that you have the power to do almost anything.. It will help you prove your metal like no other.

Jumaring will be the ultimate test of your strength and stamina. Imagine climbing on tree vertically from ground to top branch without support of its trunk.  A picture speaks more than thousand words in the same way the experience of Jumaring is bigger than lifting a truck on your hands. Probably for first time you will feel your weight and its true  impact.

Jumaring in India is possible almost anywhere with the technical assistance and expertise of Team Junoon. Try this ultimate adventure activity and get a chance to show off your muscle power to the world. Trust us, the feeling is incomparable!