JT2 Himalayan Trek - Mehalwar Dhar & Sach Pass

Nestled amidst the lofty Pir Panjals is a hidden gem that only few have laid their eyes upon. Mehalwar Dhar – a true Himalayan paradise boasts of forests dense and old, stunning mountain views from above the clouds and a trail that only paws dare to tread upon.

Mehalwar Dhar - the best-kept secret of Churah

Less known and even lesser travelled to, Churah Valley exists in a quiet and blissful obscurity, right on the border between Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. And even those few who have heard of or witnessed the majestic wilderness of Churah are mostly unaware of Mehalwar Dhar – the mystical place that remains shrouded in the power of Gods.

Located at the base of the annual pilgrimage trail to Mehal Naag Lake, Mehalwaar Dhar is a little piece of heaven in itself, with breathtaking views of the Pir Panjal Mountains and Churah Valley’s gorgeous vistas. It is a place that will compel you to hit the pause button on life… just for a moment… just so that you can marvel at how generously this land has been blessed with Mother Nature’s grace. Impenetrable forest cover, glorious Himalayan vistas on every corner, undisturbed wildlife and clouds floating below your feet – these are just few of the many treats that await the nature lovers that dare to trek on the Mehalwar Dhar Trail.

JT2 Himalayan Trek to Mehalwar Dhar and Sach Pass - Junoon Adventure
Churah Valley and Sach Pass - Himalayan Trekking Camp

And after tasting the unadulterated wilderness of Mehalwar Dhar, you can move to experience the adrenaline rush offered by the most thrilling drives that the Himalayas have to offer – the journey to the elusive Sach Pass. With ice walls over 10ft in height and stunning views of snow covered peaks on all sides, Sach Pass is an experience that no mountain lover should miss out on!

The Elusive Sach Pass

Bumpy, thrilling and sometimes, downright scary – the drive to Sach Pass is THE dream of every mountain lover. Beginning with the hairpin bends on the roads of Kalaban, this journey takes you to a place unlike anything you would ever have seen before! As you leave the forest cover behind, the unending vistas of Churah open up in front of your eyes – range after range of mountains sprawling across the distance, as far as eyes can see. “Snow” – the term takes on a whole new meaning as you gain height on the way to Sach Pass. And then the ice walls begin – your partner on the road all through the road, sometimes as high as 12ft on both sides.

When it comes to Himalayan journeys, Sach Pass is as surreal as an experience in the mountains can get. This will be a day you will never be able to forget!

JT2 - Mehalwar Dhar & Sach Pass

Brave the elements... Blaze the trail...

Experience the boundless beauty of the Himalayas with the XVII Edition of JT2 Himalayan Trekking Camps, organised by Junoon Adventure. Join us in May 2024 as we unearth the magical secrets of Churah Valley – one of the most mystical parts of Himachal Pradesh. Trek with us as we explore the untreaded trails that lead to Mehalwar Dhar – a place that is home to God. Enjoy staying at two seperate campsites and experience Himalayan hospitality like never before. And finally, to top the journey off, we have Sach Pass – one of the most thrilling drives that the Himalayas have to offer. Join now!

DURATION: 5 Nights | 6 Days
TREK SUMMIT: 3700mts
SNOW: Guaranteed
CAMPS: 3 Nights stay at Base Camp – 2200mts
                 2 Nights stay at Top Camp – 3100mts

Join our Summer Himalayan Trek in May 2024 now!

Mehalwar Dhar - At a glance

Highlights of the Mehalwar Dhar Trek in Churah Valley.

  • Mehalwar Dhar Height: 3700 Mts
  • Mehalwar Dhar Mountain Range: Pir Panjal Range in the Himalayas
  • Mehalwar Dhar District: Chamba
  • Nearest Town to Mehalwar Dhar: Chamba, Bairagarh and Dalhousie
  • Nearby Attractions to Mehalwar Dhar: Sach Pass and Dalhousie
  • Passes Near from Mehalwar Dhar: Sach Pass 
  • Nearest Village to Mehalwar Dhar: Mangli
  • Mehalwar Dhar Weather:
    • Summer – 26oC to 10oC in the Day and -2oC to 4oC in the Night, snow visible on peaks/passes and accessible in some glaciers
    • Monsoon: 9oC to 18oC, regular rainfall, snow begins to melt away in most glaciers.
    • Winters: 4oC to -15oC, snowfalls usually starting in January

How to reach Mehalwar Dhar & Sach Pass

Offbeat Trek near Chamba

Travelling to Churah Valley will require a bit of planning from your end. The valley happens to be located right on the border of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. Sach Pass is connects Chamba and Churah to Pangi Valley and Lahaul on the other side. The road to Sach Pass remains closed and covered in snow for about 6 months in a year. Petrol Pumps are scarce and road conditions can be unpredictable, especially in incumbent weather.

The nearest railway station to Churah Valley and Sach Pass will be Pathankot and it is a 200kms (6hrs) drive by road to Churah. Bairagarh is the town from where to road cuts towards Sach Pass. For Mehalwar Dhar, the road diverts from Bhanjraru towards Mangli Village. The drive however, is one of the most beautiful ones you will experience in the mountains. The gorgeous Chamera Lake, sprawling greens of Chamba and the winding river valley of Churah is a sight to behold. Enjoy it to the fullest!