JT2 – Himalayan Trek to Gwaru Nala Trail

There are all kinds of vacations one can take – chilling one the beaches of Goa or basking in the glorious culture of Rajasthan or just relaxing at a luxury spa in just about any high end resort/spa in any destination of the country. But once you visit the Himalayas, your entire definition of the word “Vacation” will receive a comprehensive overhaul!

There is something about these glorious mountains that will keep you coming back again, and again, and again..

So here we are, yet again, with another action packed trip that will have you bitten with the Himalayan ‘Keeda’ – the bug that will instill a deep longing in your heart for the mountains and the Junooni way of life.

Introducing Junooni’s Trek To the Top (JT2) – version 10.0
Trek to Gwaru Nala Trail
May 2017 – ex-Manali

Wondering what’s in it for you? Here is a list of the many experiences that Junoon Adventure has planned for you in this Summer Himalayan Trek:

  • Himalayan trekking, camping and adventure.. obviously!
  • Chance to explore himalayan villages and untouched culture.
  • Encounter with raw, unadulterated natural beauty of the mountains.
  • Snow.. snow.. SNOW!!!
  • Sleeping under an unbelievably starry night sky
  • Walking through dense forests of chestnut, walnut and pine
  • Days spent on the banks of an unstoppable, icy Himalayan river
  • Rappelling, river rafting, mountain climbing and ice adventures  in Himalayas.
  • Friendships made to last a lifetime!

Check out our trek schedule and dates below and sign up for an adventure of a lifetime. Book your participation today!

JT2 – Trek to Gwaru Nala Trail – 5Nights/6Days
May 2017 | Ex-Manali

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Above listed dates not suiting your travel plans? Have a group and want an exclusive trek date for yourself? Get in touch with us through the form on the right.. we will create a trip schedule that works for you!

Come, be a Junooni and make the summer of 2017 one that you will always remember.