JT2 Summer Himalayan Trek to Fungni Top

Amongst the off-beat and lesser explored places around Manali lies a paradise that few have experienced – an untouched haven of bucolic villages, surreal temples, uncharted trekking paths and unbelievable views…

About Fungni Top

Everything you need to know about this hidden trek near Manali.

Hidden away in Fojal Valley’s unexplored forests, Fungni Top lets you experience everything you can hope for when it comes to the unbridled magic of the Himalayas.

Shining, snow-capped mountains bathed in the golden sunlight, forming the perfect backdrop of an unimaginably picturesque landscape. Velvety dense alpine forest stretching for as far as your eyes can see and natural beauty that is guaranteed to take your breath away. THAT is what the Fungni Top Trek has in store for you…

Located just 25kms away from bustling Manali, this place lets you experience the unsullied side of Himachali magic yet keep you close enough to all the thrilling travel pleasures you could hope for! A trek through the winding lanes of an unexplored valley, witnessing glorious views that will put you in awe of Mother Nature’s power and nature’s bounty keeping you company all the way through – we promise it all!

Hidden Trek near Manali - JT2 Fungni Top Trek in Fojal Valley
JT2 Fungni Top - Upcoming Himalayan Trek in May 2023

JT2 Fungni Top Trek

Himalayan Trekking Package for May

Idyllic villages, serene meadows, ancient temples and a culture that is yet unadulterated by the modern world… this hidden trek in Manali has it all, and more! Escape the sultry summers in the pleasantly cool wilderness of the mountains on one of the best Himalayan treks in May 2023 – the JT2 Himalayan Trek by Junoon Adventure to Fungni Top. Hidden away in the undisturbed forests near Manali, this trek lets you taste the peaceful exclusivity of a Himalayan Trek with all the thrilling adventures offered by the most happening hill-station in Himachal Pradesh. Be a part of this upcoming Himalayan trek near Manali – book your participation today! 

  • Duration: 4 Nights – 5 Days
  • Max Height: 3600mts
  • Total Distance Covered: 32kms
  • Pick Up and Drop: Dobhi, Near Manali
  • Snow: Guaranteed

Wildlife of Raheel Got

The undisturbed natural beauty of Dweepdhar Valley

The Dweepdhar Valley and its surrounding forests are extremely rich in flora and fauna. Raheel Got especially, being located next to the jungle stream and surrounding by a dense treeline, attracts many wildlife species. Commonly spotted wildlife in the valley include Himalayan Ibex, Red Fox, Himalayan Weasel, Indian Porcupine, Brown Bear, Jackal, Barking Deer, Himalayan Palm Civet, Musk Deers, Jungle Cats and Himalayan Tahrs.

Snow Leopards have also been spotted from time to time in the valley, however they remain confined to the upper reaches of the mountain passes nearby.

Birding is an especially exciting activity for nature lovers on a Himalayan break near Raheel Got as the valley is home to numerous species of birds that are easily spotted in the forest and around waterholes and streams.  These include Himalayan Magpies, Scarlet Minivets, Himalayan Bulbuls, Slaty-Headed Parakeets, Great Barbets, Black headed Jays, Redstarts, Whistling Thrushes, Himalayan Griffons, Himalayan woodpeckers and many more.

The valley remains mostly isolated except for the few settlements near Rawa Village. The meadows and pathways on the trail are usually walked on by Gaddis who take their flock for grazing to higher pastures through these routes. This also adds to the adventure as during a summer Himalayan trek here, you will be able to witness flora and fauna that remains mostly undisturbed.

Himalayan Trek near Manali - Fungni Top in Fojal Valley

Raheel Got - At a glance

Highlights of the Raheel Got Trek and Dweepdhar Valley.

  • Raheel Got Height: 3750 Mts
  • Raheel Got Mountain Range: Dhauladhars in the Himalayas
  • Raheel Got District: Kangra
  • Nearest Town to Raheel Got: Dharamshala
  • Nearby Attractions to Raheel Got: Kareri Lake and Lam Dal
  • Passes Visible from Raheel Got Trek: Gaj Pass and Indrahaar Pass
  • Peaks Visible from Raheel Got Trek: Moon Peak
  • River near Raheel Got Trek: River Gaj
  • Nearest Village to Raheel Got: Rawa
  • Raheel Got Weather:
    • Summer – 26oC to 10oC in the Day and -2oC to 4oC in the Night, snow visible on peaks/passes and accessible in some glaciers
    • Monsoon: 9oC to 18oC, regular rainfall, snow begins to melt away in most glaciers.
    • Winters: 4oC to -15oC, snowfalls usually starting in January

How to reach Raheel Got

Offbeat Trek around Dharamshala

Travelling to Raheel Got will require a bit of forward planning and organisation at the end of the traveller. The nearest Railway Station to Raheel Got is Pathankot which is 118kms away from the base of the trek. The nearest Airport to Raheel Got is the Dharamshala airport at Gaggal which is 54kms away. Dharamshala happens to be the nearest town for the Raheel Got trek and one can easily book a Volvo from Delhi to Dharamshala and then take a taxi or local bus to Ghera which happens to be the last road head for the Valley.

The Raheel Got trek begins from Rawa, near Ghera Village and will encompass a total of 32kms walking (to and fro) and a height gain of 2000mts overall. Two camps are usually required on the Raheel Got Trek and it will take about 5 Nights/6Days to complete (Rawa to Rawa including a separate day for acclimatization). Since the trail winds its way along the jungle stream and will take you through dense forests and untouched wilderness, we recommend that you plan for the trek with an experienced adventure tour operator beforehand. It is unwise and often dangerous to venture out on Himalayan treks alone and without professional, experienced guides.