JT2 Khauli Valley Trek

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Imagine opening your camping tent to witness the golden splendour of a Himalayan sunrise as the first rays of the day dance on the mighty peaks surrounding your camp. Imagine trekking alongside a pristine river with crystal clear pools and amazing scenery all around. Imagine climbing up to a high altitude lake set in a landscape so beautiful, it will leave you feeling awed. That is what awaits you on this Himalayan Trek through Khauli Valley as you climb to Druni Taal.

With the tourist numbers dwindling and natural spaces resting this year due to the Covid-19 lockdown, trekkers are presented with a unique opportunity – to explore the Himalayas without the usual crowded streets and congested campsites. Let us all make the most of this amazing chance to witness the mountains as they are, in their pristine natural state. Let’s visit the Himalayas for a New Year Camp 2020!

Join Junoon as we set forth for our best winter Himalayan trek yet, with all Covid safety precautions strictly adhered to. Get ready to explore the mountains with our New Year Trek 2020 as we walk through the amazing Khauli Valley to climb up to Druni Dal. Small group, sanitized tents, hygienic food, extensive Covid-precautions and the expertise of Team Junoon to keep you safe – that is what we have planned for this New year camping 2020 program. Join now – seats are limited. Let’s give 2020 the goodbye it deserves!

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Situated right in the lap of the Dhauladhar Range, Khauli Valley is a pristine region of the Himalayas that acts as a gateway to a huge range of popular trekking trails. Everything from Lam Dal to Kareri Lake, Minkhiani Pass, Baleni Pass and even the Seven Lakes of Dhauladhars are accessible via the Khauli Valley. And nestled at the height of 3000mts surrounded by imposing mountains is Druni Lake or Druni Taal. This mesmerising high altitude lake is a lesser known yet fantastic trekking destination near Dharamsala, perfect for both a summer Himalayan Trek and as a winter Himalayan Trek.

Druni Taal Trekking distance: Total 33kms

Druni Lake Height/Altitude: 3000mts

Druni Lake Camping: Two Camps – Salli Base Camp and Rehla Meadows Top Camp

Druni Lake Weather: Summers are the best time, weather-wise for trekking to Druni Taal. The temperatures remain between the range of 10 to 26 degrees. Winters, on the other hand, are perfect for those looking to experience the Himalayas at their wildest. The lake freezes over and temperatures are known to dip below -15 degrees in the night, giving you a jarring taste of Himalayan Winter Camping. But the allure of fewer trekkers and the possibility of impromptu snowfalls are all that is needed to keep Junoonis going!

Druni Lake Trek Difficulty: The difficulty level of the Druni Lake trek falls between Easy and Moderate. The trek up to Rehla Meadows is fairly easy with beautiful forests and riverside vistas that you can capture in your camera as you make your way to camp. The climb to Druni Lake can be a bit challenging but the ultimate views and the allure of witnessing a high altitude Himalayan lake in the winters is motivation enough to face it all! With just a little pre-trek preparation and exercise, you can build your stamina to complete this trek with ease.

Druni Lake to Mcleodganj: Another interesting aspect of the Druni Lake trek that is guaranteed to make your trip exciting is the close proximity of the trail head to McLeodganj. The distance between Druni Lake (last road head) and McLeodganj is just 46kms. So when your trek weary body makes it back to the base camp at Salli Village, you can drive up to Dharamsala and McLeodganj to enjoy a few relaxing days amidst Himalayan luxuries.

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Your New Year Himalayan Camp 2020 awaits. Limited Seats!

Plan: Pathankot to McLeodganj
Duration: 4 Nights/5 Days
Date: 27th to 31st Dec 2020
Cost: Rs12999 + 5% GST

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