We all need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city.. A break from the normal routine.. An experience that will be different from the normal vacations and sightseeing.. and experience at close quarters with nature!

Try camping for a lovely and scintillating experience in middle of a glorious meadow with nature all around you. This getaway will be a memory that you will never be able to forget!

Camping in India is an out-of-this-world experience, what with all the beautiful locations and pleasing views that our country has to offer. Junoon Adventure is always looking for new and exciting places to camp at – sometimes the banks of a gushing river, sometimes a gorgeous hillock or maybe even a dense forest with the canopy of green leaves to offer you shade and relaxation. Just think how great it would be to spend a night with your friends and family under the stars out in the wild with all the creatures of the forests to keep you company! It can be adventurous, exciting and tranquil at the same time. Camping really is an experience that everybody should try at least once in their lifetimes.

Dare to break routine and join us with your loved ones for a real, relaxed and exotic outing? At Junoon, we care to ensure that you detoxify and recharge your lungs with fresh oxygen. We will assist you to convert your holidays into a nature and adventure filled outing. This nature based outing shall be thrilling & rejuvenating. Just relax by the side of flowing Rivulet or unzip your tent to see the night melting with stars or twinkling with moonlight and enjoy the Bonfire by the side of your tent with mild favorite music of nature.

Picture this

  • Few Kilometers of evening trek with friends and family,
  • Reaching a Campsite and rest there with high tea (probably on Hammocks),
  • Few group and adventure games followed by bonfire and rest,
  • Local made cuisines in dinner and long evening of Star Gazing,
  • Chatting with friends and anticipating some calls and indirect evidences of nocturnal wild animals.

That’s the India Camping experience that Junoon Adventure has in store for you! So get on board for an adventure experience of a lifetime with Team Junoon.. Call us today!