Bird Watching

Peeping thrills most of us. And blending an outing of peeping and nature gives you a different high altogether. Most of us move around without even being aware of this hidden world of color, flight, beauty and elegance that exists all around us. For most of us, this dimension of natural wonder always lurks at the very corner of our vision and we just cannot notice these exquisite creatures that are a part of surroundings. But once we become aware of their existence and the lure that they hold, it becomes almost impossible to take your eyes off them!

Respecting and visiting beautiful world of birds gives you a natural high. Birding is one of the most addictive activities. Initially we walk and our eyes chase the bird and their habitats and once they understand your inquisitiveness about their world. they offer you a look into their way of life.

You see, understand and then doubt. The doubt of name, nesting habits, food habits, environment issues and so on. At Junoon we walk by your side on this exploring journey. We enquire, share and explore nature’s puzzle. As Sun knocks the sky these beautiful creatures start their day.

India is host to a plethora of bird species, all unique to the region and all with an amazing history and world that they exist in. With Junoon Adventure, you can enjoy Bird Watching in India at its very best.. we have some amazing sites for you to explore and if you are at all into photography, this will be an experience that will tickle all your creative buds. So join Junoon for a bird watching experience that you will never forget!

Clock your watch to see sunrise in a Forest and then witness how these birds enjoy their bed sunrise and how they pack themselves to their work. Mind you they don’t have Sundays..