Team Junoon

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[restab title=”Yog” active=”active”]Teacher.. Friend.. fun lover..bigYog Chinmoy time travel junkie..

Fondly called Yog Sir by the entire Junoon Fraternity, he is the driving force behind everything we do! A state level Rock-climber, a certified adventure instructor and a pioneer in the field, he was responsible for bringing adventure tourism to central India for the very first time. In the many years that he has been a part of this industry, he has worked closely with the top executives and HR Managers of various well known companies as well as educational institutions who all know and recognize him as a respected mentor and trusted trainer for overall team and personality development. Adventure is Yog sir’s passions and this passion is now his life fuel! [/restab]

[restab title=”Rishi”]

One of the founding members of Junoon and a hardcore masti freak!DSC00030

Rishi Sir brings creativity and perfection to just about every task he takes up, whether it’s pitching up the campsite or trekking down the mountain or finding the best Indori sev to go with your Poha.. A national level climber himself, he has trained and worked with several generations of Junoonis, who all remember him for that unique knack of cheeky resourcefulness with which he gets the job done.

You will love travelling with him for one simple reason – he carries a secret bag of snacks that you can sneak stuff out of! And one of his best innovations of all time is the world famous AJ MODE – that method of forgetting everything and lounging around under the bleak Himalayan sun in cold afternoons.. Every Junooni loves him for that![/restab]
[restab title=”Juhi”]

The face of Junoon.. always at the heart of all the fun..

Juhi PidiyarThis young MBA professional has her life written in adventure! Our head Event Coordinator – she keeps us all on our toes. And that becomes the reason behind the success of every Junoon Adventure event. The first female bungee jumper in Madhya Pradesh, Juhi defies every belief that you have ever harbored about feminism. There is no trail she can’t walk, no rock she can’t climb and no mountain she can’t scale.. In short, as long as it has adventure in it, this girl ain’t backing off!

[restab title=”Mishi”]

The one who will not give up and will not let you give up either.. Mishi Bhatnagar

Mishi is a CS by education but an adventurer and travel writer by heart. She has a zeal inside her that keeps exploring new things which makes her a perfect match up for Junoon. She is a hardcore professional and the most fun loving person at the same time. And to top it all she is never short of words.. we haven’t been able to get her to shut up in ALL this time!!

[restab title=”Avanti”]

The one who will have your back, always!

Avanti LaalAvanti Sir, as we all call him, is the backbone of the team. A certified adventure instructor, he is the one on whom you will be placing your trust as you scale down break neck heights. He is also the one who will keep pushing you until you commit to facing your fears. Because he doesn’t believe in backing off!

[restab title=”Arjun”]

Man of steel and a heart of gold..Arjun Singh

Arjun sir can defy gravity, pull off the deadliest of stunts and be at the edge of danger, all in a day’s work. He is the adventure instructor whose hands are capable enough for your to entrust your life into! And the best part, even in the toughest of tasks, his smile never waivers.

[restab title=”Hari”]

The mischief in the eyes says it all..

Hari SinghHari Sir is our prankster, fun creator and ‘masti’ master – all rolled into one. But don’t let that playful grin fool you! When on the field, this adventure instructor means all business.  He is the one whose strength and dedication will ensure that nothing happens to you while you are facing your fears.


[restab title=”Latika”]

Zeal, energy and enthusiasm redefined..DEEPESH

The journey with Latika started with simple adventures and management training workshops.. But her unbelievable growth is showcased in the fact that this Junooni has scaled mountains, rappelled from great heights and crossed Himalayan rivers in the short time she has been with us! And now, our beloved Latto is helping us open new doors to reach adventure lovers across the country.
Small Tip: Never underestimate her fearlessness and creativity. After watching her challenge the devilish Bicchu Booti in the Himalayas, we have learned that Latika can take on just about anything!


[restab title=”Rupanjali”]

The will to live and conquer the world!Downloads4

Rupanjali aka Ruby Zee is our in house prankster, fun maker and laughter track – all rolled into one. Just the slightest of push will send her roaring into gales of laughter with people around her wondering ‘What was so funny?’

But when it comes to work, she is all business! Ruby has that mixed bag of tricks with adventure, travel, event management and marketing – all mastered and rolled into one professional persona. And as we said, she has a creative knack of putting a fun filled tadka on just about anything in the world!


[restab title=”Kinshuk”]

Downloads5This guy was literally born to be an adventurer!

It makes us proud that Junoon was Kinshuk’s first taste of an adrenaline rush back when he was six years old.. And look how far he has come!

This young Junooni is a true thrill seeker, avid trekker, experienced rock climber, fanatic car racer and will soon become a Mechanical Engineer as well! What is more, he is helping Junoon to make way into the life of the younger generation. All in all, Kinshuk is the GenNext of Junoon, with bags full of potential and a heart of gold!