JT2 – Bushahr Valley Trek


The summer of 2019 will take you on a Himalayan journey of epic proportions – to one of the remotest, most adventurous and most beautiful corners of the country. Imagine spending a few days exploring the apple orchards of Himachal Pradesh, learning of the divine power that resides in the Bhimakali Temple, listening to mysterious tales about Runpoo Peaks (Paap and Punya) and Bhelnu Tibba (Yamlok) which are known to be virgin till date and spending the nights at a Himalaya trekking camp with the untamed wilderness to keep you company. Imagine witnessing the conservation of one of the rarest Himalayan bird in existence – the Western Tragopan (less than 5000 individuals in last recorded existence), climbing a ridge known for its exceptional Himalayan herbs and spending a day going crazy, playing in snow. That’s right! Your next Junooni trek in May is going to take you to yet another less-explored, filled-with-wonders part of the Himalayas.

Here’s introducing the XII expedition of Junoonis Trek to the Top

JT2 – Bushahr Valley Trek
5Nights/6Days | ex-Shimla

Camping around Shimla – May 2019

This program of trekking in Himalayas will take you across trails that the shepherd of old used to enter Kinnaur. The paths will lead you through a gorgeous forest that passes near to bubbling glacial streams and opens up at the top where the Himalayan Gods reward you with one of the most glorious mountain views possible – the Shrikhand Range and Churdhar Peaks on one side and Runpoo and Yamlok Peaks on the other. Spend 5 memorable nights in our summer adventure camp and get taste of the simple life – no city noises, no pollution, no office calls and deadlines – just peace and tranquillity in nature’s arms. Listen to the call of birds, walk on paths where only wild bears dare to tread and sleep under a canopy of a million stars. Try your hands at adventure activities around Shimla, play with snow on a beautiful Himalayan glacier and witness untamed, untapped and unspoiled beauty all around. What more can one hope for in a family adventure holiday in India.

So come – be a part of our next JT2 trek. Explore the beautiful Bushahr Valley in the summer and let the Junoon in your soul set you free! Join the JT2 – Bushahr Valley Trek.

Bhimakali Temple

Known to be one of the 51 Shakti-peeths, Bhimakali temple is believed to hold immense divine power and significance. The temple premises present a gorgeous example of Himalayan architecture with intricate woodwork panels and bas-relief sculptures adorning walls and roof tiles. Goddess Bhimakali is believed to be the ‘kuldevi’ of the Bushahr state and is believed to be a powerful force in the valley whose blessings are taken for every activity and undertaking. The temple also houses both Hindu and Vajrayāna Buddhist statues – indicative of the thriving trade and culture exchange that used to be carried out between in India and Tibet in the region.

Bushahr Valley

A lesser known place for trekking and camping around Shimla, Bushahr Valley is a pristine and gorgeous part of Himachal Pradesh that is yet to be spoiled by commercial tourism. The place holds trace remnants of the ancient Indo-Tibetan trade route as well as well as the palace of the royal family of Himachal Pradesh. Bushahr Valley is fed by one of the tributaries of the Satluj River and is known for local tales about the Bhelnu Tibba (Yamlok) and Runpoo Peaks which remain unscaled to this day. The valley is graced by various glacial streams, waterfalls, a small yet beautiful glacial lake as well as amazing views of the Shrikhand Range and Churdhar Peak nearby.

Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary

Daranghati once played the role of the private hunting reserve of the Royal Bushahr dynasty. Today, this wildlife reserve is a gorgeous protected forest that thrives with life. The place is home to over 150 species of birds including Koklass Pheasant, Cheer Pheasant, Kaleej Pheasant and the Himachal Pradesh State Bird – Western Tragopan, an endangered bird that is being conserved and bred in captivity at a Pheasantry in the valley. You can also witness Himalayan Musk Deers, Himalayan brown and black bears, weasels, blue sheep and even an occasional snow leopard in the jungles here.

Options Nearby

One of the many benefits of spending your summer holiday at our Shimla trekking camp in Bushahr valley, apart from the unspoiled natural beauty and adventures of the place, is the chance to explore wonders nearby. Interested Junoonis can easily plan an extended vacation in the region and explore prominent tourists attractions nearby, post the camp days. Sangla, Reckong Peo Monastery, Rakchham Village, the thrilling drives of Kalpa and the last Indian Village on China Border – Chitkul are just a few hours away from the campsite.

Day 1
Junoonis will begin the first day of this Himalayan trekking tour package early in the morning with a drive from Shimla. The scenic NH5 will take them along the Satluj River through gorgeous locations to the Rangori Base Camp in Bushahr Valley - our first camp of the trip. Upon reaching by the afternoon, everyone will freshen up and enjoy a delicious lunch at the campsite. The second half of the day is reserved for a visit to the Bhimakali Temple, a powerful place of faith and a gorgeous piece of Himalayan architecture set against the backdrop of the snow covered Shrikhand Range.
Meals: Lunch, Dinner | Stay: Base Camp | Maximum Height Gained: 2200mts | Drive: 170kms

Day 2
The next day is for getting into the groove of trekking. The day will begin with a half day trek to the nearby jungle – meant for getting the body acclimatized to the height and weather and get everyone’s muscles and limbs accustomed to the terrain around. Everyone will reach back to the Base Camp by lunch time. Second half of the day is meant for rest and exploring apple and apricot orchards around as well as a short educational visit to Western Tragopan Pheasantry.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Stay: Base Camp | Maximum Height Gained: 2800mts | Trek: 6kms

Day 3
Time to move to Top Camp. Everyone will pack their belongings and get ready to check out of Rangori Base Camp. 2 days’ worth of clothing and essentials will be packed into special rucksacks (provided by JT2 team) and sent to Top Camp by porters and remaining luggage will be locked safely in cloak-room. The guests will then depart for an 8kms trek to Duga Tharlu where Top Camp has been set up. The trek will take everyone on a gorgeous yet steep forest trail with many beautiful sights and natural wonders on the way. Everyone will arrive at camp for a late lunch. The rest of the day is for campsite exploration, fun games and campsite exploration. Night with bonfire and songs.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Stay: Top Camp | Maximum Height Gained: 3200mts | Trek: 8kms

Day 4

The final height gain trek day! Everyone will get ready for a 10kms trek to the highest view point on the ridge and spend a few hours playing and enjoying pristine snow of glaciers. Sliding on snow is also on the cards. The group will reach back to Top Camp for a late lunch. The remaining day is reserved for flora and fauna exploration, fun games and rest. Night with bonfire and songs.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Stay: Top Camp | Maximum Height Gained: 3800mts | Trek: 10kms

Day 5

Time to say goodbye to Top Camp. Everyone will pack up and get ready for the trek back to Rangori Base Camp. The plan will be to reach back to camp safely by lunch time. Afternoon is reserved for adventure activities in Himalayas like Rappelling or Rope walking and monkey crawl. This will be the last evening for everyone to enjoy the mountains together at camp.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Stay: Base Camp | Maximum Height Gained: 2200mts | Trek: 8kms

Day 6

Time to say goodbye to Bushahr Valley. Post breakfast, everyone will get packed and ready for the drive back to the concrete world. The plan is to reach back to Shimla by lunch time. Guests are now free to explore the city and move onwards for their journey back home.
Meals: Breakfast | Stay: N.A. | Maximum Height Gained: N.A. | Drive: 170kms

Optional: Guests willing to explore Bhabha Valley, Sangla, Kalpa and the last Indian village on China Border – Chitkul, can move onwards from camp on Day 6.


JT2 Himalayan Trek in May 2019 - Brochure

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