Time Management Training for corporates

Time is like a circus, always packing up and moving away. It is up to us to enjoy, get the most work done, extract the right amount of productivity and make the most of it while we still can. Runaway time isn’t what’s really the problem is for most failed plans and corporate strategies. Each one of us has the exact number of hours in a day. So what exactly is it that makes Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, David Beckham and Mother Teresa what they are and what makes you, well you??

Allow Team Junoon to help you figure it out!

With our tried and tested management training methodologies, we can help you devise a system and build a frame of mind for your enterprise’s workforce to become more productive, more successful and in the end more satisfied. Our outbound time management skill development programs are handcrafted to suit the industry specific factors that your organization operates in. It will thus help you find the right balance between work, life and success.

Themes covered in our corporate outbound time management programs

  • The need for managing time.
  • Identifying the time – wasters.
  • Examining one’s attitudes towards time.
  • How to gain the extra time.
  • Delegation process & strategies.
  • Techniques of time management.
  • Caters to participants from the bottom line as well as Middle and Senior Executives.
  • Language: – English / Hindi.

Get together with Junoon for an experience based time management training that will help build an employee team worthy of being called ‘stars’! Call us today and let us know what you have in mind..