Role Readiness Training

Many world class organisations nowadays have Role Readiness training in place to equip their employees to take on the challenges that their job profile will present to them. Given a choice, an organisation will like to make sure that the employees have right knowledge, skill and attitude before he or she moves into a particular role. Following a structured role readiness training process, we at Junoon Adventure map out the training and development requirement of the individual as per their roles and build customized learning initiatives are structured around those.

Junoon Adventure has a sizable base of facilitators who impart training and consulting in the corporate sector as well as various educational institutes. These trainers are actively involved in imparting training and knowledge in the corporate sector and designing new tools of effective value imparting. The rich Mix of experience and knowledge with active practice has help Junoon and its clients to develop a knowledge base which helps all who are involved. With a careful need assessment of the training need of client Junoon provide total outbound training solutions.

You and Junoon will come up with an outbound training and role readiness solution that will get your employees ready for every kind of challenge that comes their way. Adventure and management games together will become the best tonic for your corporate team’s motivation and development!