Experiential Learning and Achievement based Motivation

Motivation and achievement complement each other. Outbound training  experiences, blended with task orientation helps managers to achieve and strive for higher goals. These achievements and accomplishments remain deep rooted in people’s memories and that too, often without  pressing refresh button, people motivate themselves and benchmark their own successes with their past.  At Junoon, we provide totally customized solutions for the motivation of one and all. Just spare some of your valuable time and in couple of hours of outbound training and experiential learning, we can help your enterprise’s jewels to shine and dominate the industry.

Junoon’s experiential learning and achievement motivation programs revolve around the following themes..

  • Examining one’s own achievement motive strength.
  • Achievement motivation in action through challenging goal setting and approaches for its accomplishment.
  • Understanding feedback process of giving & receiving.
  • Dealing personal blocks like; fear of failure, rigidity, stereotyping, pessimism, anxiety of uncertainty etc.
  • The participants can be anyone from Middle Level Executives to the top brass of your organization structure
  • Language: – English / Hindi.

Let Junoon be your partner in building a work force that is motivated to achieve the impossible! Wonders are possible when the people working with you believe in themselves and their efforts. With Junoon Adventure’s experiential learning and achievement motivation programs, you can help your employees become achievers in every sense!