Executive Development Program

Executive Development Programs are the one most important tools that a company’s HR department possesses to ensure the employee’s and organisational welfare.  With focus on understanding personality traits of employees and providing them with experiential learning avenues,  Junoon  works   to provide many variants of Outbound learning and skill development for people engaged in all kinds of work and hailing from all kinds of levels in the organisational structure. A mix of adventure as well as management games – this is the interesting potpourri we cook up for the executive development goals that you have in mind for your employees. These games of outbound learning help employees to gauge their own abilities and learn to perform under different work environment.

Themes covered in our experiential learning and executive development programs

  • Examining one’s own goal setting, risk taking and sensitivity to feedback.
  • Understanding self and interpersonal behaviors.
  • Decision making in group and consensus building.
  • Conflict management styles & strategies. Decision making styles & strategies.
  • Team playing.
  • Participants can be any from First line executives to top level managers
  • Language: – Hindi / English.

Let Junoon play a meaningful role in building a strong, skilled and motivated task force for your company. Our executive development programs and training solutions are exactly what your HR department has been looking for. Give us a call today!