Corporate Team Building Programs

Great or small.. every significant win can be and should be attributed to the collective efforts of everyone involved.. a product of team work. In today’s world of numbers and data,  a well managed and motivated human resource and their team work plays an important role. At Junoon Adventure we offer unique team building games and  outbound activities which helps our clients to develop an  impactful employee force.  With base in Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal) and a synergized working base in 9 states in India we provide turn key solutions for all training needs.

Themes Covered During our corporate team building programs

  • Understanding self and others (Self and attitudes interpersonal needs their influence in-group.)
  • Interpersonal Styles / Skills and Intra Team Work
  • Consensus Building processes (Group Building Process and Decision-Making)
  • Intergroup team building (Dynamics and Trust and Power).
  • Conflict Resolution styles, strategies and Action Planning
  • Level of Participants: Middle Level Executives.
  • Language: English / Hindi (mix)

Lets get together and build a work force that moves and achieves as one! Junoon Adventure’s team building programs are the right choice for your requirements..